4 beauty gifts from the experts at Mailbox Birmingham

The best products, treatments and tricks – as told by the experts themselves from Mailbox Birmingham

Everyone loves a gift now and again. And we all deserve a treat. Here’s what the experts at Mailbox Birmingham recommend. 

1. Pixi Beauty Rose Tonic 100ml £10, Harvey Nichols

Helen Gough, Beauty Manager at Harvey Nichols: 
“I use this morning and evening as part of my
routine to gently remove any extra impurities
after cleansing, leaving my face feeling soft,
fresh and hydrated.”

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2. Kerastase Mousse Bouffante 150ml £21 James Bushell 

James Bushell, Director at James Bushell Hair
“This is my go-to product, all of my clients love
it and it’s one of our bestsellers because of its
versatility. For luxurious volume and hold, this
is the product you need.”

To book an appointment with James or one of the team, 0121 711 1100

beauty at Mailbox Birmingham

3. Nicky Clarke Argan Oil 75ml £20

Helen Carson-Brown, Senior Technical Director at Nicky Clarke
“This oil is nourishing without being too heavy.
Unlike some serums that coat the hair, this soaks
in to condition from within. Just add a couple of
dots to damp hair and blow-dry to banish frizz.”

To book an appointment with Helen or one of the team, call 0121 633 4009

beauty at Mailbox Birmingham

4. Full Comcit Facial, on offer for £79 from £120 Flint & Flint

Melissa, Manager at Flint & Flint
“Often referred to as the ‘Instagram Effect’
facial due to the picture-perfect filter finish it
leaves on the skin, the Full COMCIT™ facial
will give you fresher, healthier and more taut
skin in just one hour.”

To book an appointment, call 020 740 1207

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