How to choose your wedding flowers like a pro

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding day so getting it right is imperative! Here’s how to choose your wedding flowers like a pro 

Tips to make the perfect choice for your wedding flowers

  1. Cost it out

t’s important to consider what wedge of your budget you want to dedicate to flowers, fresh flowers (and silk ones) do not come cheap. Decide where and when you want to have flowers and what areas are most important. Having a bouquet and selection of styles at your venue might outweigh the need to have them hanging from the pews at the church.

  1. Consider you theme

If you have already decided on a vintage-style theme then you will need to consider the types of flowers that go well with this. They will differ from the styles that suit a more contemporary and modern wedding. Similarly, an outdoor fete style wedding will usually require a different floral display to a wedding held at a castle for example.

  1. Choose your blooms wisely

Choosing flowers is not just down to shades and shape, a lot of flowers have special meanings which might not be appropriate for a wedding! For example, the rose meaning love and passion is a hugely popular wedding flower but a marigold is associated with grief and cruelty so not something you want to proudly show off at your wedding! The Dahlia is another great flower for a wedding, especially at autumn time, as it symbolises commitment forever.

  1. Compliment your dress

Your wedding flowers should act as a perfect accessory to your dress. You don’t want to overpower a simple design with a huge bouquet as much as you don’t want to lose your classic bouquet behind an extravagant dress. White on white works fabulously but if your dress is off-white then you are probably better off going for a bit of colour in your bouquet.

  1. Think about colour schemes

You may visit the florist with a colour in mind but don’t discount the varying shades and tones they might suggest will work to give your display a little more dimension and life. Sticking to one colour might not get the guest reaction you were hoping for. Experiment with shades and see the options before making a final decision.

  1. Add some special touches

One of the best ways to add some special touches to your day is by customising your wedding bouquet with personal and sentimental items, whether that’s a particular flower that has special meaning or an actual item that you place inside to walk down the aisle – from a photo of a loved one to a trinket representing an important part of your life. This will not only add to the priceless memories from your day but give guests a really great talking point when they admire your stunning flowers.

  1. Explore your senses

It’s important that you research and explore plenty of different flowers before making a decision with your florist and we’re not just talking about scrolling through Pinterest. Visit a flower show or florist shop and really get a feel for the types of flowers that are available to you, let your senses explore the visual and scented displays. You might find that you will fall in love with something you didn’t expect to.

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