5 simple steps to become the solution to plastic pollution

Wishing you could do more for the environment? Here are five easy ways to help contribute to the solution to plastic pollution

Solution to plastic pollution
Here’s five ways to do your bit for the solution to plastic pollution

Plastic pollution in our oceans has reached crisis point across the globe according to the UN. And even more alarming is reports that more than 70% of our own beaches contain plastic pollution.

It is no wonder then that there is international concern over the future of the planet, but what can we do to help?

Here are five small adjustments we can do everyday to help make a significant difference to the planet’s plastic pollution crisis.

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1. Metal Straws

The internet is awash with images and videos of poor sea animals that have straw wrapped around parts of their bodies, and it’s heartbreaking. Reusable metal straws are available in many shops and online retailers and are much cheaper than you think! Pop one in your bag when you go out for drinks – and when you’re offered a straw for your drink at the bar, just say no!

2. Bring your own bags

This may seem like an obvious one, but there are still so many who are using plastic bags despite a charge in place at supermarkets. Keep some reusable canvas or sustainable material bags in your handbag or in the boot of your car to solve you having to purchase more at the checkout.

3. Shampoo Bars

The latest in eco-technology comes in the form of shampoo bars! You can now buy shampoo in a bar as you would a bar of soap. Some bars can last up to 100 washes – wow! You can purchase these from many high-street stores or online.

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4. Bulk Buying

Before you head off to the supermarket to grab that plastic bag full of fruit, nuts and veg… stop! Why not bring along some bio-degradable food bags or old plastic tubs and shop at the bulk section of the supermarket? Most supermarkets have a section where you can pick, scoop or pop the items of your choosing into a bag for weighing. So, bring your own containers and pack your own.

5. Cloth Nappies

It is reported that over 7.6million pounds of disposable nappies are dumped into landfill each year, according to stats by The Green Education Foundation – ew, right? But now there is a new wave of cloth nappies that have been created using carefully selected materials for a baby’s skin – and there are some lovely patterns out there too!

If you would like some more useful ideas to ditch the plastic, visit The Green Education Foundation.

Are you an avid eco-warrior and have your own tips for fighting plastic pollution? Share them with us by commenting below.

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