Tips to tidy the garden for autumn

Itching to get back out into the garden after all this rain? Here are some tips to tidy the garden ready for the autumn season 

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Tips to get the garden tidy this autumn

Don’t give up on the garden as soon as you see autumn leaves. Keeping your garden neat and tidy during autumn and winter will give you a head start when spring rolls around.

From keeping patios and decking clean to collecting fallen leaves, here are some handy tools you need and the tips to prepare your garden for autumn and winter.


1. Time to clean

Be sure to tackle patches of moss and clean down paths, paved areas and decking to stop a build up of dirt becoming slippery during wet winter weather.

Charles Bentley moss buster
Charles Bentley moss buster deck broom £12.99 buydirect4u.co.uk

Combine hot water with a tool like this Charles Bentley moss buster deck broom to thoroughly clean surfaces. Its integrated scraper is ideal for removing moss, while its tough bristles in two lengths remove dirt, even from grooved areas. For large patches of moss, treat with vinegar first for an environmentally friendly way to encourage 2. breakdown.

Gardening tools can deteriorate or rust if they are not cleaned and stored correctly. Whether forks, spades and rakes or lawnmowers and hedge trimmers, ensure the longevity of your tools and their blades by giving them a thorough clean with a stiff bristled brush before storing away for the winter.

If your outdoor furniture is looking a little worse for wear after a busy spring and summer, then give them a clean down before storing for the winter too.



2. Tidy

Charles Bentley leaf blower
Charles Bentley leaf blower £34.99 Buy4direct.co.uk

The best time to tidy up fallen autumn leaves is while they are still crisp and dry. Go over grassy areas with a wide headed leaf rake to collect leaves and invest in a good heavy duty broom to sweep driveways, decking and patio areas.

For extra speed and less hard work, tidy the garden with a leaf blower – a good investment for autumn and a quick and easy way to clear the garden of leaves. This Charles Bentley leaf blower also benefits from vacuum and shredding features, allowing you to collect leaves in its attached bag, which has a 45L capacity, to add straight to your compost heap.

Stop your garden from looking scruffy by removing weeds and moss from in between block paving and slabs. Look for a tool with a long handle to stop you having to bend down, a heavy duty metal scraper to remove weeds and bristles that are angled to effectively clean between grooves.



3. Repair

Charles Bentley Paint brush
Charles Bentley Yellow Masonry 4″ Brush £5.99 Buy4direct.co.uk


Protect your garden fences from the elements and increase their longevity by treating with wood preservative before wet and cold weather causes damage. Rotting panels and posts can deteriorate further and even be blown down during bad weather, so replace and protect to prevent damage.

A masonry brush like this Charles Bentley one is lightweight and includes an ergonomically shaped handle for comfort and mixed fibre bristles for improved paint retention and excellent coverage.



4. Storage

If you don’t have space to store your barbecue or garden furniture in a shed or garage then invest in covers to shield them from the elements and ensure their longevity.

Don’t forget to protect pets from the elements too. You can get hutch covers that are made from tough materials to provide excellent protection from rain and wind and helping to keep rabbits and guinea pigs cosy during winter.

Don’t forget to keep logs neatly stored in the garden ready for when you need them too.

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