4 ways to keep your home on trend this autumn

Read these autumn home trends to help you settle into the new season 

ScS sofa
The Quantas collection at ScS – prices starting from £299

With more time being spent indoors, autumn is the perfect season to update your home as well as your wardrobe. And, whether it’s soft, sumptuous furnishings to give your home a touch of luxury, on-trend materials or pops of colour to brighten up your space, we asked top interior experts to share their advice on how you can incorporate the latest trends in your home this autumn.

1. Add a luxury element with a touch of velvet

If you’re looking to add an element of luxury to your home, velvet is the perfect choice when it comes to furnishings. Soft to the touch and beautifully stylish, velvet is very much on-trend at the moment.

Simon Nicholson, furniture buying director at ScS says: “If you want to be on-trend with the velvet look this autumn but are looking to keep it refined, opt for contrasting tones. Dark and light shades really complement one another and will help you to create that sought-after boutique hotel feel in your home.

“Choosing velvet furnishings, such as a sofa, can make a real statement in your home. This textile works with any frame of sofa whether it’s a traditional shape or something more modern; so curl up, make yourself warm and cosy and let the velvet elevate your room.”

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2. Rustic, raw and retro – the minimalist rattan trend

Rattan is seeing a rise in popularity. Originally popular in households and gardens in the 1970s, rattan has been used to make furniture and storage throughout the years to envelop your home in natural, warm tones and cosy textures.

For many people, the bedroom has become an uninviting place that lacks character but adding to a bedroom can create a snug, welcoming atmosphere, says Time 4 Sleep’s Director, Jonathan Warren. “Rattan has a naturally warm, woody tone which instantly creates a lived-in feel to the bedroom whilst adding texture. It’s a really versatile material which can be painted if you want to change up the woody tones to match the mood you’re going for.

“To make your bed the focus piece of the room, add contrasting cool tones, such as light blues and purples to really make it pop.

“Alternatively, if you want to opt for a minimal, fresh feel, stick to whites and varying tones of wood. Rattan storage baskets and chairs can be the perfect addition to an autumn bedroom. This combination will make your space feel cosy and inviting.”

Liberty Rattan wooden bed
Liberty Rattan Wooden Bed Frame £449 Time4Sleep 

3. Be daring with glamorous dark wood

Dark wooden tones are set to make a comeback in the home this autumn. When styled correctly, dark wood can be a stunning, contemporary way of embracing natural tones and creating a glamorous environment.

Nicholson says: “Many people avoid dark wooden tones as they see them as being quite drastic and often assume they will go out of style quite quickly. That is not the case and modern or retro pieces can really transform your space and add a touch of glamour and sophistication in time for the new season.

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“Opt for a statement piece, such as a table or side cabinet, and style it with on-trend materials such as copper or brass, sleek shapes or even a tropical print. Bright colours also work well with dark wood, just try to keep it subtle and stick to one colour when accessorising.”

Clifton Open Coffee Table
Table: Clifton Open Coffee Table £299 &  Quantas 3 Seater Sofa Standard Back in Mink £799 both at ScS

4. Add pops of colour with accessories

Vibrant and daring colours are becoming increasingly popular in the home with people throwing caution to the wind and adding pops of colour on the walls or using furniture and accessories to add vitality.

Polar Rug Terry’s Fabrics
Polar Rug £50.05 Terry’s Fabrics

Adele Shotton-Pugh, resident interior designer at home furnishings retailer, Terry’s Fabrics says: “Neons have been big this summer, so I think we will see this carry on through to autumn.

“As the evenings get darker, people want to cling onto brightness as much as they can – bringing brights into the home is the perfect solution.

“I recommend oranges and yellows for sofas or arm chairs, paired with hot pinks or purples for a lovely contrast. This will definitely make your home feel warmer as it starts to get dark and cold outside!”

Bauhaus Metal Pendant Terry’s Fabrics
Bauhaus Metal Pendant £46.99 Terry’s Fabrics


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