Share your special day with your four-legged friend!

Many couples would like to have their dog at their wedding even if only for the ‘all-important’ photographs. Our dogs are family so why shouldn’t they be sharing our special day?  The problem most couples face is who is going to look after the dog when their friends and family are at the wedding in smart clothes?  They also worry about how to get the dog to the venue at the right time and home safely afterwards when they have had enough.  Also, who is going to make sure the dog is walked, cared for and is looking photo-ready?

Is there someone who can do all of this?  YES, Quintessential Wedding Day Dogs!

Rachael, Henry and Spencer at the altar.

This super exciting Wedding Day Chaperone service is new to Quintessential Quarters, a five star boarding kennels, shortlisted last year as one of the best six boarding kennels in the country by the Pet Industry Federation.  They already offer professional dog grooming and use Vita Canis products which are also available to buy.  They even offer Vita Canis aromatherapy in their Wedding Day Dog Packages to calm both dogs and humans on their big day.

Spear-headed by Jacqui Smith, Professional Dog Groomer & Canine Behaviourist who was inspired by her own daughter’s wedding day arrangements to her son-in-law with their Flatcoated Retriever, Spencer.  He was Ring Bearer, Hound of Honour and Super Model on the day. The trouble is Spencer thinks he married Rachael as he loved her first!

Call now on 01782 791070 for details on how to include the real love of your life at your wedding day!