The essential guide to buying your own wedding rings

Your wedding ring will be a symbol of the love and commitment you have for each other and it’ll be something you are going to wear for life so it has to be perfect! Here’s LIVING’s essential guide to choosing and buying a wedding ring

Golden wedding rings on the background of a wedding bouquet of red roses

Choosing your rings is as important as the venue! 

1. Choose your precious metal

It’s a good idea to start with the band and the metal you prefer. There are lots of styles to choose from and it’s usually down to individual taste as to what you go for. “Keep to the same metal as your engagement ring, says Avanti Jewellers in Ashbourne, “mixing metals and carats will increase wear on rings when they are worn together. Also , keep your lifestyle in mind – if you work with your hands or have an active lifestyle you may need a more durable metal, such as 18ct gold, titanium, platinum and palladium.”

You can choose from one of these (most popular) choices:

  • Yellow gold: A traditional wedding band, it is usually advisable to go for an 18ct gold ring as 22ct gold may not withstand daily wear.
  • White gold: A popular choice for couples, it can keep its appearance over time with regular maintenance. Add 3 pts
  • Rose Gold: This has become more fashionable in recent years and offers an elegant blush tone to your wedding ring band.
  • Platinum: A more contemporary choice for couples. It is much rarer than gold, and that means it has a bigger price tag but it’s also extremely hard wearing.
  • Titanium: Another ‘newish’ metal choice for couples that is very light on the finger. It has a much richer tone than platinum.

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2. Decide on a shape

From the thickness of your band, to whether you want a rounded or squared-off shape, it can make a dramatic difference to how your wedding ring looks and sits on your finger. You also need to consider how it looks against your engagement ring as they sit side by side forever! You may go for contrasting styles or a shape which matches your engagement ring. “Above all, make sure the ring feels comfortable, especially if you are not used to wearing a ring,” says Avanti.

3. Bling or no bling?

Next you should decide if you want to add diamonds to your ring. Traditional bands are being replaced by diamond-set rings, or in more unique cases, rings that feature other stones as well. Go for whatever you feel most comfortable with. Try on many different styles so that you can see what each one will look like on your finger and next to your engagement ring. Remember, you have this ring for life so go with what feels natural to you.

4. Don’t delay

Don’t hold off on choosing a ring as you may find that the ring you choose needs to be ordered and this can take up to eight weeks or more. You may need more time for adjustments too. Avanti also recommends comparing like-for-like rings when looking for the best price, it says: “When comparing rings, make sure it is the same metal and weight, and if it is diamond set, make sure you are comparing the same quality and carat weight.”

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Which is your perfect ring?


Traditional: 18ct Yellow Gold Heavy 3mm Wedding Ring £395 Avanti Fine Jewellery

Elegant: Platinum 0.20 Total Carat Weight Diamond Crossover Wedding Band £1,250 Goldsmiths

Flamboyant: 18ct White Gold Pink Sapphire Diamond Floral Band £1895  Goodwins Jewellers 

Vintage: Delicate 18ct White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Vintage Inspired Ring £650 Avanti Fine Jewellery



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