Warrior training, Norwegian bobsleigh and more weird and wonderful adventure holidays for your next trip

Time to add a little something more to your standard holiday? Get ready for a life-changing adventure holiday and escape the ordinary with one of these weird and wonderful trips  

Ecape the ordinary for your next adventure holiday 

What do you think of when you say the word holiday? Rest, relaxation, a beach or cosy cottage in the countryside?

Well, that might be the case for some of us but there’s a growing number of people who no longer want to idle away their precious time off on a sunbed.

Indeed, it seems we’re becoming a nation of adrenaline junkies as according to the Association of Independent Tour Operators; the number of people taking wildlife and walking holidays in 2017 was up – and the desire to learn a new skill abroad was also gaining momentum.

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Thrill-seekers, from young to old, singles to families, want adventure and excitement and the opportunity to see and do something outside of the norm.

And whether it’s tracking wild animals in their natural habitats, kayaking through mountains or even trekking across the Arctic, there are plenty of experiences to choose from, whether you want to disappear for a month-long adventure or simply escape for an overnight getaway.

1. New adventures in Wales 

Ever wondered what it’s like to bounce underground in an old mine in the middle of Wales? Well, this could be your chance to find out as Zipworld offers a range of adventurous experiences so you can spend a day, a weekend or even a week fuelling your inner adrenaline junkie. Kids can also join in the fun as many of the experiences are from aged seven and up. A number of sites are on offer, including Zip World Caverns in Balenau Ffestiniog, where you can take part in Bounce Below. The former slate mine has been transformed into a huge play world for bouncing, sliding and jumping through nets in a cavern the size of cathedral. If you’d rather keep your head above ground Zipworld Forest in Betws y Coed offers sledging on rails through the trees. All activities range from £20 to £65 and Zipworld also offers various accommodation settings near the activities.

2. Horses in France 

Like the sound of galloping on horseback through valleys and hills? Ride in France offers a three-day experience riding through the Seine Valley and the William the Conqueror route – a bit of history and excitement. There are guest houses along the route, providing accommodation for riders and their horses. Prices start from £288.

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3. Norwegian bobsleigh

Or perhaps you long to be an Olympic contender or love the film Cool Runnings? Why not fulfil a dream and try a bobsleigh weekend in Norway? As well as zooming down at high speed at the Olympic park in Lillehammer, you also get to try curling, airboarding – which involves riding downhill on a large air mattress – skiing and tobogganing. Four-day trips cost from £1,099 with Responsible Travel.

4. Warrior training  

But for something completely obscure – ever wondered what it was like to be the fearsome Genghis Khan, famed for founding the Mongol Empire in the 13th century? Well this could be your chance to find out on a nine-day warrior training adventure in Mongolia for the ultimate holiday adventure. You’ll learn how to make a bow and arrow, how to herd, ride and lasso a horse, how to cook traditional Mongolian dishes, tie knots, light fires and wrestling techniques. You’ll also get to stay in traditional tents. It’s certainly a holiday with difference even just for the joy of seeing the looks on people’s faces when you tell them. Prices start from £3,550 with Responsible Travel.

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