10 ways to be the perfect bridesmaid

You’ve got a very important job to do, so how do you do it well? Here’s our guide on being the best bridesmaid ever!

Are you up for the job?

We’ve all seen Bridesmaids more than once – and we all know that’s not how we want our role of bridesmaid to go! If you have been gifted with the wonderful role of bridesmaid for a family member or best friend, how can you be sure you live up to the bride’s expectations? Don’t panic! You’re going to be fine, just follow these simple tips and you’ll be the most perfect bridesmaid ever.

1.Be there for her

One of the most important jobs you’ll be doing for your friend is providing some much-needed emotional support! She will panic, feel overwhelmed, cry, laugh and possibly even get a little angry, but remember, she’s getting married. This comes with a trolley load of emotions, which you’ve got to manage, without running through these emotions yourself. It isn’t easy being a bridesmaid!

2. Don’t steal her thunder

The wedding day is all about the bride so try and hold back bringing up too many memories of your own day or what you are planning for your big day in the future.

3. Watch what you say

Be mindful of what you say to your bride-to-be, and what you say to other members of the bridal party. Try not to ruffle any feathers…It may make you feel better, but bite your tongue and let things go. Your bride will thank you for it in the long run.

Bridesmaid dress by Dorothy Perkins

4. But say what you need to

That’s not to say you shouldn’t step in when it’s due. Your one job is to make your friend look perfect and sometimes she might need a little advice here and there! Furthermore, make sure that other bridesmaids are following suit and doing what they need to. A quiet word never hurt anyone if it’s for the good of the event!

5. Keep her motivated

If you find your bestie wallowing in self-pity, disappearing into the sofa watching re-runs of Sex and the City, this is your time to step in. Sometimes the excitement of planning a wedding can mask the reality of getting married. She might need you to reassure her, she’s making the right decision. If all else fails,  go veil shopping!

6. Be calm 

At least one of you needs to keep a level head when you can’t find her something blue, and the flowers are stuck in traffic. Be a calming presence, probably best to stay off the booze until the reception!

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7. Be positive

Don’t be negative about anything, but be constructive. You got the job because she knows you’ll be a great help, as well as being a close friend. Stay positive even when she decides her dress isn’t right, two days before the big day; keep smiling and go with her to scour the bridal shops for something else, even if she goes with her original dress in the end! (True story.)

8. Do your job 

Remember why you are there, it’s not just to look pretty! She’ll need helping making sure guests are where they need to be, the day is running as it should be and that her dress looks as it should for photos! Talking of photos, make sure you help to get everyone in position, especially if there are little ones in the bridal party.

9. Make her feel special 

Make her feel like the princess she is on her big day!

10. Don’t get too drunk

Above all, let’s keep it classy.

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