10 ways to have better sex in your relationship

It can be hard to keep your sex life fresh, especially if you’re in a long-term relationship. To help you out, we’ve put together our favourite 10 ways to spice things up between the sheets

Better sex: Time to give things a boost between the sheets?

1. Be spontaneous

There’s nothing like a change in routine to liven things up. So, if you always have sex in the bedroom on a Saturday morning, why not move the action to the kitchen on a Friday night instead? (Just remember to move your best crockery first.)
Quickies, meanwhile, are a great way to make the most of some unscheduled alone time – no matter what the time of day.

2. Get in the mood

To feel aroused, it may help to create the right mood. That could mean dimming the lights, lighting candles or putting your favourite Barry White album on. And you could always have a bath or a shower together first, which could also be part of your foreplay. To increase the mood further, try an erotic, sensual massage with scented oil. But remember not to get oil on a latex condom because this can damage it.

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3. Role play

With this you can indulge both your fantasies and have some fun at the same time. But you’ll probably need to do a bit of advance planning by ordering your costume online, unless you already have a police officer’s uniform hidden in your wardrobe!
And remember to get into character, although there’s no need to worry about giving it your best Oscar-winning performance. Role play works best when you both know you look silly but let your inhibitions go.

4. Explore sex toys

Sex toys can be arousing if you and your partner both feel comfortable using them. There are lots to choose from in sex shops and online, and prices vary. A good product to start with is a vibrator, which can be introduced as part of your sex life.

5. Give your confidence a boost

If you don’t feel confident undressing in front of your partner, there are tactics you can use to increase your self-esteem.
For starters, treat yourself to some sexy and flattering lingerie that suits your figure and which you also feel comfortable in. A corset is a great choice for a fuller shape, while a body stocking is ideal for a slender frame. And dimmed lights and candles aren’t just great for creating a sensual mood, they’re flattering too. It may also be worth talking to your partner about how you feel, so he or she can help put you at ease.

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6. Pay each other compliments

It may not be an obvious form of arousal, but praising and appreciating each other will improve all aspects of your relationship.
By helping each other to feel more desirable, you’ll both be more eager to get intimate between the sheets. On the flip side, putting each other down will have the opposite effect.

7. Be open about what you like

Don’t be afraid to share with each other what you like and don’t like in the bedroom. If you enjoy something, let your partner know, and if a particular technique isn’t right for you, say so. Knowing what’s working (or not) can do wonders for your physical relationship.

8. Pick up an erotic book

And no, we’re not necessarily talking Fifty Shades of Grey (but if it works for you, then go for it). Pick up a steamy novel and read a few paragraphs to each other before indulging in your own eroticism. Plus, there’s a wealth of books around that are packed with exercises and inspiration designed to help pep up your sex life.

9. Watch a porn film together

Choose something you’re both into, make sure you’re alone, sit back and enjoy. You might even find you don’t reach the end credits because you can’t keep your hands off each other.

10. And finally, relax

You’ve worked hard to spice things up, so you deserve a break. And sometimes the best sex happens when you’re not trying to make it mind-blowing. So just enjoy being together and doing what comes naturally.

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