4 honeymoon ideas for every kind of couple

Couples are seeking more than just a few days escape for a honeymoon these days but what is your dream honeymoon?

Looking for honeymoon ideas? We’ve got 4 ideas for every kind of couple

1. The thrill seekers

Holiday type: Adventure
The Honeymoon: Explore Japan

With its manic cities, stunning scenery and romantic charm, Japan has got huge appeal for more adventurous couples. Lose yourself in the busy streets, take pleasure in the culture, and discover a truly breathtaking part of the world. From the ethereal beauty of Tokyo’s Hakone National Park, to negotiating its neon-lit streets; you’ll see a world with some of the most advanced technology available, still maintain a magical essence of old, where tradition is fundamental to culture. Immerse yourself into the many dimensions of this exciting country; climb Mt Fuji, take a bullet train and kiss beneath the Cherry Blossom of Kyoto’s gardens, or visit the sites of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Whatever you do, don’t stay in one place.

Where to start: Check out the Shogun Trail from travel agents, Explore – a 12-day tour visiting some of Japan’s most fascinating sites. Prices start from £4329 per person with flights and includes transport, accommodation, guides and most meals.  

A cherry blossom covered street in the stunning Kyoto


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2. The culture vultures

Holiday type: Globe trotting
The Honeymoon: World city-tour  

If you love discovering culture when on holiday, then sticking to one place on your honeymoon might leave you thirsty for more. Why not create your perfect honeymoon by choosing five of your wish list cities across the globe and go from there? You could be chilling out in Reykjavik, shopping in New York, staying up all-night in Las Vegas, cruising around the Sydney harbour and eating out in LA – the world is at your feet. Each destination you see will have their own unique and promising experiences for you to enjoy together. There are plenty of multi-centre holiday options out there with specific itineraries to get you started, or you can break it down and book it yourself. Planning is the key, so grab a pen and paper and make your holiday dreams come true.

Where to start: Check out the Rock My World experience from STA Travel; a five-stop tour of Dubai, Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, and New York. Prices start from £1,049 per person for flights to most destinations.

Travel to more than one city on your honeymoon. Why not start out in Melbourne, Australia?

3. The beach bums

Holiday type: Island living
The Honeymoon: South Pacific

As romantic destinations go, the South Pacific has got to be up there with the best. Idyllic beaches, crystal blue waters, and beautiful tropical weather. If you crave isolation and relaxation then one of the stunning islands in this part of the world will be the answer to everything. Choose from Tahiti, Bora Bora, Fiji and The Cook Islands, each as equally stunning and if your holidays are all about the beaches – here is the destination for you. Stay in luxurious accommodation, have service at your beck and call and simply escape into your very Turquoise paradise.

Where to start: Check out the South Pacific honeymoons with Turquoise Holidays. Prices for an ‘Island Hopping Experience in Tahiti’ start from £4525 per person for 10-nights.

The idyllic location of Bora Bora has got serious honeymoon appeal


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4. The do-gooders

Holiday type: Make a difference 
The Honeymoon: Volunteering in Nepal

Make more than just an impact on each other’s lives by embarking on a volunteering project abroad as a couple. You can help to make a difference in places that truly need it, like the women and children of Nepal. Not only will you discover the beautiful country but you will be able to support those living in extreme poverty with initiatives in education and agriculture.

Where to start: Explore Kathmandu and Rural Nepal: www.honeymoonvolunteers.com; during this experience, you will help the vulnerable women and children of Nepal, and also head off on three-day/two-night jungle safari in Chitwan National Park, and visit the city of Kathmandu.

Visit Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu

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