Aloud and clear: Nadine Coyle on new music, kids and life after Girls Aloud

Our celebrity interview for the May/June 2018 issue is former Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle – LIVING caught up with the Irish beauty ahead of  upcoming live shows in Manchester and Birmingham 

She’s back with new music and she isn’t afraid to bring up the past

It seems being one fifth of the chart-topping, award-winning, mega-famous girl band Girls Aloud just isn’t enough for Nadine Coyle. After taking a five-year semi-hiatus to focus on family following the birth of her daughter, Anaiya, now four, she’s back with new music, a four-track EP and a 7-date UK and Irish tour – and that’s just for starters. With plans for pride shows and festival appearances throughout the summer, she’s gearing up for a very busy 2018.

Q: It’s been five years since we last saw you performing with Girls Aloud on the brief reunion tour in 2013, what’s been happening?

“I have a daughter who’s just turned four, and I’ve started working with Virgin/EMI who I love, they’re a great record label and part of Universal, so it’s a whole new team that I haven’t worked with before so it’s great getting to know lots of new people; and Brian Higgins, who did all the Girls Aloud music, I’m still working with him.

“I also had a single which came out last year called Go to Work – that was a really busy time – and I did some shows for Christmas and then before that I was working at Lord of the Dance for a little while, they had a nine-week run at the London palladium, so yeah it’s been pretty much non-stop. It’s just been a mixture of a few years of nappies and now you’re out of that phase and I’ve just been trying to concentrate on music a bit more. It’s actually been a really busy five years.”

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Q: So, you’ve been working with Brian Higgins on your latest music and currently have an EP out (released February). Tell us more.

“On the EP there’s a few different styles, there’s ‘Girls on Fire’ which is very much in your face. ‘Gossip,’ which is more laid back and reflective, then ‘September Song’, which is a cover of JP Cooper’s song that was out last year, which I just really, really loved and then you’ve got ‘Something in your Bones’ (out now), which is a sassy, sexy sole train kind of number – it’s very much strong woman – coming from a position of power; we’re not ever going to be the victim. It’s very strong and powerful and I like putting it on to play when I’m with friends and everybody can have that same feeling that it makes you feel powerful, makes you feel good and that you can go and conquer the world. I really like doing songs like that.”

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Q: Is that an important message for you to portray, especially to your daughter?

“Yes, definitely, I grew up with a very strong mother and two sisters and lots of cousins and I was in an all-girl grammar school, so I’m definitely used to being around lots of strong females and it definitely rubbed off on me and yes, I want that to rub off on her too.”

Q: Your tour coming up in May will include a lot of Girls Aloud songs, alongside your solo tracks, what made you want to include those in the show?

“The thinking behind that is that the songs are just so, so good, so many great songs that we have had over the years and it would be a shame not to put them in the show, and it’s been five years since we did the tour so why not just put in some of the songs that I really love and I know the audience would love and everybody can just have a good night! There’s no point in shying away from the past, I’m proud of it, and very happy about everything that’s happened so I think it’s a great idea to include them.”

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Q: What can fans expect from the show?

“Bring your girlfriends, your boyfriends, your sisters, your classmates, your workmates; yes, definitely about coming and having a great night out and just enjoying some great songs and it’ll be really fun, the actual stage show is going to be really fun and the songs are so good so it’s impossible not to have a good night.”

Q: What will it be like performing these songs without the other girls with you?

“I’ve done a lot of the songs before and I know that all of the girls when they’ve done solo shows, they’ve all included the Girls Aloud songs in there because they’re just so good so it means that everybody can have a better time so it makes sense to do it and it would be such a shame not to include them as part of the show.”

Q: Could there be a reunion on the horizon?

“You never know, I mean we had taken a break before and then had a reunion so you never know, you just never know what might happen. I’m very much looking forward to just having the tour be the best night ever for anybody that comes to it. At the moment I can’t even see past the tour!”

Nadine’s 4 track EP, Gossip, came out in April via Virgin/EMI. She is performing at Birmingham O2 Institute 1 on Friday 11th May and Manchester O2 Ritz on Sunday 13th May. Visit www.nadine-coyle.com to find out more.

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