Confetti: A guide to all you need to know

How many times have you been to a wedding where the bride and groom expect their guests to shower them with confetti, yet no one has any?  As a guest, were you supposed to take it with you, or have the couple supplied it?  Then that one organised guest pulls out a small cardboard box with paper confetti – it’s hardly the confetti moment the newly wed couple were expecting!

Shropshire Petals, growers and producers of natural petal confetti are here to give us the low down on all you need to know about confetti, from who buys it, choosing the right petals for your wedding and even how to get that perfect confetti photo!

Can I have confetti at my wedding?

Churches and venues will have their own policies when it comes to confetti, however, the majority now only allow biodegradable types, which makes natural petal confetti the perfect choice as it is 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly.  If your venue say no to confetti, we recommend taking a sample, which you can order free online, to show to your venue, and they will usually change their minds when they can see that the confetti you will be using is just the same as blossom falling from a tree.

Who buys the confetti?

In the past, guests were the ones who brought confetti with them, which was usually a box of coloured paper shaped hearts and horseshoes.  As your wedding day is a symbol of you, every detail means something, which is why couples now prefer to choose and supply their own confetti.  By doing so, you can match or contrast the wedding theme and get that all important confetti moment that you’ve always dreamed of.


Where should confetti be thrown?

This all depends on what look you are going for in your photos and what your venue will allow.  It’s a good idea to go and have a look to see where you would like your confetti moment to be.  You could take your photographer, as they will be able to tell you the best spot for lighting.  Once you’ve decided where your confetti will be thrown, you can choose your confetti.  If you are having your confetti moment against a wall or in darker spaces, such as under trees then, light and bright colours work well to ensure they stand out.  If it is going to be in an open space, bolder, darker colours look spectacular.

The right petals for throwing confetti

There are a variety of petal types to choose from.  The best for throwing are small petals such as delphiniums or wildflowers as they are light and fall delicately to the ground, giving your photographer plenty of time to capture the magical moment.  If you are set on a colour that is only available in larger petals, you can add a few to mix with smaller petals, which will also give a lovely textured effect to your photos.

Choosing your confetti colours

Many couples like to have their confetti match their wedding colour scheme.  The online Pick & Mix tool is great for choosing a unique confetti mix for your wedding.  Choose from an array of colours and see how your mix will look before you buy.  Have a play with colours to see what you prefer.  Choosing a mix to contrast your wedding theme such as a bold rainbow of colours like our Kaleidoscope mix is perfect for adding a colour pop to your confetti photos.

How do you know how much to order?

The general rule is that usually half of your guests tend to throw confetti (usually the ladies!).  However, depending on the type of confetti moment you want – a confetti shot full of petals or a delicate showering – you will need to order accordingly.  For a full confetti shot, one or two large handfuls per guest will be plenty, and for a more subtle shot, one handful will work wonderfully.  Need more help?  Shropshire Petals have developed a confetti calculator to assist you in how much to order and for what you want it for – throwing confetti, petal paths and decorating.

When should you order your confetti?

Shropshire Petals recommends ordering any time up to 3 or 4 months before your big day, as petals will keep beautifully stored in a cool, dry place.  Why not get confetti ticked off the list earlier by ordering now and selecting delayed delivery.  Forgotten to order? Don’t worry, Shropshire Petals offer a next day delivery service, so there’s no need to worry that you won’t get your confetti moment.

Make sure your guests know how to throw

Delegate confetti to one of your bridal party to offer around to your guests and ensure they know how to throw.  This might sound ridiculous; everyone knows how to throw right?  Remember, you only get one chance to capture the confetti moment (unless you have ordered enough for more than one shot), so ask your guests to take a handful (or two) and throw up high when the time comes, you don’t want confetti thrown directly in your faces!

Use confetti for your reception décor

Natural petals are great for adding some colour and definition to your reception tables.  Scatter petals around your table centrepieces and around the base of your cake or put some petals in jars and vases for an alternative look.  Visit the ‘fields of ideas’ inspiration section on the website for more ideas.

Shropshire Petals also have a fabulous range of wheat sheaves, wheat wreaths, wheat posies, wheat buttonholes, dried flowers and more.  You can now also personalise your confetti cones with the brand-new personalised range.

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