Facial loved by celebs and a natural alternative to botox now available in Staffordshire but look away if you don’t like needles!

Staffordshire businesswoman offers cosmetic acupuncture beauty treatment loved by A-list celebrities involving 50 needles 

Would you succumb to 50 acupuncture needles for a top celebrity facial? (Stock image)

Many women would quite happily do anything to look younger – but what about if it involved 50 needles?

A Staffordshire businesswoman has qualified in a popular beauty treatment, favoured by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Millie Mackintosh, Lisa Snowdon and Jennifer Aniston, which sees around 50 needles inserted into the face to reduce lines and wrinkles.

Physiotherapist Katie Mellard, from Woore, has trained as a cosmetic acupuncture consultant and has now begun offering the treatment at her Alsager clinic, IQ Therapies.

“Cosmetic acupuncture is fast becoming known as ‘the natural facelift’”, she said, “because it helps produce more elastin and collagen, with numerous secondary benefits which are too long to list. The treatment can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, but it also helps with acne, blotchy skin, dry skin, stress, insomnia and many more health issues.”

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Cosmetic or facial acupuncture, marketed as a natural alternative to Botox®, sees ultra-fine needles placed at strategic acu-points on the face, concentrating on points and muscles to improve the elasticity of the skin and help to reduce lines and wrinkles.

While the procedure dates back as early as the Song Dynasty (960AD – 1279 AD), Miss Mellard said it is fast becoming one of the latest health trends, thanks to A-list celebrities posting about the treatment through their social media channels.

The 26-year-old, who bought IQ Therapies in February 2015, said: “I have been a physiotherapist for five years and have been doing acupuncture for three years. I wanted to expand into the beauty industry and I was intrigued by cosmetic acupuncture. It’s been around for many years, but it’s only recently really started to attract a lot of attention.

“This is partly because celebrities are sharing photos of themselves trying it, but also because we are all a lot more health-conscious these days. An alternative is Botox®, which involves injecting a toxin into the face, but now people want a natural solution.”

The thought of having needles inserted into one’s face may not be too appealing, but the real question is, does it hurt?

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“There’s a slight pinch”, said Miss Mellard. “It’s not hollow like a normal needle, because nothing needs to pass through to be injected into the skin. The needles are less than the width of a hair and most people find the treatment very relaxing.

“People are sceptical at first and are often surprised by the results.”

Cosmetic acupuncture usually runs over a course of six to ten sessions, with an estimated cost of £90 for initial consultation and treatment and £65 for all follow up sessions, for a recommended minimum of six sessions.

For more information visit IQ Therapies or call 01270 872522.

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