KFC on Christmas Day or how about a BBQ? This is how they eat Christmas dinner around the globe

You might be tucking into a roast turkey today but what does a Christmas dinner look like in Japan, Thailand and Jamaica? 

Christmas dinner
Christmas dinner looks a little different around the globe.

While we crave goose fat roasties, honey-roasted parsnips and pigs in blankets, there are other countries around the globe with some very interesting Christmas dinner food habits. From munching on a KFC bucket, to hitting the beach for an Aussie BBQ, the annual festive feast takes on some interesting and unusual forms around the globe!

Travelbag decided to explore some of the weird and wonderful global traditions for Christmas dinner. Would you swap your roast dinner for one of these?

1. Japan 

An estimated 3.6 million Japanese people eat KFC on Christmas Day. They call it ‘Kurisumasu ni wa Kentakk ii’ or Kentucky for Christmas.

2. Greece

The Greek enjoy pork as the main event on Christmas Day. And as sides they serve up spinach and cheese pie and salad.

3. Australia

Christmas Day in the southern hemisphere is at the peak of summer so it’s hot! The Aussie’s love to throw a barbeque beach party. They enjoy salads and cold meats but a classic roast (done on the barbeque) is still the star of the show.

4. Thailand

As a predominantly Buddhist nation, Thailand doesn’t have a traditional meal per se but there is still a possibility to get a classic British roast in some of the more popular and built up cities – but expect to pay over the odds.

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5. Mexico 

The Christmas season in Mexico runs from the 12th December to 6th January. Christmas Eve is known as ‘Nochebuena’ or Family Day and is when locals have their main Christmas meal. They eat a traditional dish of dough steamed in a corn husk and drink a punch made of sugar cane, prunes, apples and fruits from the Hawthorn bush.

6. Jamaica

Christmas dinner in Jamaica is made up of a range of meats, including curried goat, stewed oxtail, turkey and rice and peas. Jamaicans also enjoy rum punch and fruitcake.

7. Dubai

Dubaian’s loves to brunch and Christmas dinner is no different. Expect a banquet of delicious dishes served for hours.

8. South Aftica

South African’s chow down on turkey, duck or pig with rice and vegetables.

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9. Argentina

Another country which enjoys the hot weather in December, Argentinians prefer to eat cold salads and meats on Christmas Day. In fact, a main dish of veal in a tuna sauce is particularly savoured at this time of year.

10. Philippines

Christmas kicks off in September in the Philippines as locals blast out Christmas tunes as early as this. On Christmas Eve they have a midnight feast and dinner is a huge spread of roast pig and ham, as well as a selection of fruits, salads and rice.

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