RECIPES: Put a spring in your step with these fresh seasonal recipes!

Spring has arrived… finally and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to ditch those heavy dishes for something lighter and fresher with these seasonal recipes

seasonal recipes
Recipe and image courtesy of www.britishasparagus.com

As the days get longer, there are more fresh ingredients in season. Bright, refreshing and packed with goodness these seasonal recipes will awaken your taste buds after winter’s stodgy meals.


Brunch muffins with poached eggs, asparagus tips and smoked bacon

Serves: 4
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15-20 minutes

You’ll need:

2 tbsp olive oil
12 rashers smoked streaky bacon
4 English muffins, split
25g butter
4 large eggs
200g asparagus tips
salt and freshly ground black pepper

What to do:

  1. Preheat the oven to 120°C.
  2. Add half the olive oil to another frying pan and fry bacon until crisp. Transfer to a plate line with kitchen paper and leave to drain.
  3. Spilt the muffins open and toast on both sides, spreading with a little butter if you like. Transfer the muffins and the bacon to the low oven to keep warm.
  4. Fill a deep-frying pan with boiling water from the kettle water and add a pinch of salt, setting over a high heat to bring to the boil. Reduce the heat to a minimum so you just see a few gentle bubbles forming. Crack an egg into to a small bowl and slide gently into the water, lowering the bowl as close to the water surface as you can so the egg doesn’t spread out. Repeat with the other eggs and leave to poach until cooking to your liking, about 5-7 minutes.
  5. Bring a pan of water to the boil, add the asparagus and cook for 2-3 until just tender. Drain well, drizzle over the rest of the olive oil and season with a little salt and pepper. Keep warm with the muffins and bacon if the eggs are not quite ready.
  6. Use a slotted spoon to lift the eggs from the water to a plate lined with kitchen paper. Allow to drain for a few seconds.
  7. To assemble the muffins, start by adding 3 rashers of bacon to each muffin. Divide the seasoned asparagus between each muffin and finish with a poached egg. Top with other half of the muffin and tuck in immediately.


seasonal recipes
Recipe and image courtesy of thetomatostall.co.uk


Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Puff Pastry Tart

Serves: 4
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 12-15 minutes

You’ll need:

500g mixed Speciality Isle of Wight Tomatoes
1 x 320-350g sheet ready-rolled all-butter puff pastry
1 medium egg, beaten
25g finely grated Parmesan cheese, vegetarian if preferred
1 buffalo mozzarella cheese, drained then torn into small pieces
2 tbsp olive oil
1 garlic clove, crushed
A small handful small, fresh basil leaves
Sea salt flakes and freshly ground black pepper

What to do:

  1. Preheat the oven to 220C/fan200C/Gas 7. Line a large baking sheet with non-stick baking paper.
  2. Thinly slice the tomatoes. Lay them flat on kitchen paper or a clean tea towel, sprinkle with salt and pepper and leave to drain.
  3. Unroll the pastry onto the baking paper and brush all over with the beaten egg. Fold over 1cm of each edge to form a rim and pinch at the corners to seal. Prick the base here and there with a fork then sprinkle with the Parmesan cheese. Bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes until puffed up and golden brown.
  4. Remove the tart base from the oven and sprinkle the base with half of the mozzarella cheese. Overlap the tomatoes slices on top. Mix the olive oil with the garlic, drizzle it over the tomatoes and then scatter over the remaining mozzarella cheese.
  5. Return the tart to the oven and bake for 5-7 minutes until the mozzarella has just melted and the tomatoes heave heated through. Remove from the oven, scatter over the basil leaves and serve immediately.


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seasonal recipes
Recipe and image courtesy of www.ukshallot.com


Steak, Shallot & Black Bean Tostadas

Marinate the skirt steak overnight to maximise the flavour of the meat. Leaving the shallots to marinade in lime juice at the same time will add a zingy freshness to the finished dish. Simple scale up for a fantastic dish for larger gatherings.

Serves: 4 (2 tacos each)
Preparation time: 10 minutes plus marinating overnight
Cooking time: 30 minutes

You’ll need:                                

400g Skirt Steak
1 pack Mexican spice mix
3tsp Oil
1 ½  lime
8 shallots
6 cloves
¼tsp chilli flakes
2 x 390g tinned black beans, drained
8 corn tacos
Sour cream and coriander to serve

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What to do:

  1. The night before put the steak into the marinade bag, reserve 1tsp of the Bart Ingredients Chipotle rub and put the rest in with the steak, 2tsp of oil and the juice of ½ the lime. Give the bag a good shake to coat the meat and leave in the fridge to marinade overnight.  Slice 6 of the shallots very finely, put in a bowl and squeeze over the juice of the remaining lime, the cloves and chilli, cover and leave in the fridge to marinade too.
  2. The next day, take the steak and shallots out of the fridge to come up to room temperature. Heat the oven to 200C/ 180C fan.  Heat a frying pan or griddle to hot and cook the steak on each side for 3-4 minutes for medium/rare, cook longer if it suits your taste. Once cooked set aside to rest.
  3. While the steak is cooking, finely dice the remaining shallots, heat the remaining oil in a saucepan and gently cook the shallots for 3-4 minutes. Tip the beans into the pan along with the reserved seasoning and heat through. Once the beans are warm remove from the heat and mash with a fork, taste and season.
  4. Lay the tacos on a baking sheet and warm them in the oven for 6-7 minutes until they are crisp. Take them out of the oven and keep warm.
  5. To construct the tostadas, spread the tacos with beans, slice the steak and lay some pieces on top then finish with the shallot salsa, sour cream and coriander.

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