Top 10 hen party ideas for the 21st century bride

The hen and stag parties of the 21st Century are more extravagant, imaginative and expensive than ever before. So how exactly are the millennial generation bidding a fond farewell to single life?

Are you going to be a hen this summer or are you attending a hen party?

In days gone by, the last night of freedom for any bride or groom would usually reach some level of debauchery. It was expected and embraced. Groups of young men and women would head off for a night of drinking, singing and frivolity, and it was usually infused with the humiliation of the soon-to-be-wed guest of honour.

Nowadays though, while you might still wake up with a bad head the next day, you are more likely to embark upon an adventure as a farewell to single life, be it paintballing in Croatia, relaxing in a luxurious spa, or creating your own music video, rather than a night out at your local pub. The bar has been raised, and so has the price tag.

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Recent research found that the average amount of money we are prepared to pay for a hen or stag do has dramatically increased, with men willing to spend a massive £391 on the celebrations and women around £175 (YouGov 2016).

And perhaps what is even more interesting is that men and women are now shunning tradition completely by planning their night of ‘freedom’ for themselves, or at the very least handing out a set of rules to their organiser – a yes and no list of potential activities – to make sure that they get what they want, and what they don’t want, on their special day out. Some couples are even opting to have the celebration together!

If you are a 21st century hen your farewell to single life is not going to be a surprise ambush you’ll wish to forget; it’s all about making memories you’ll look back on and remember forever! So if you are tying the knot in 2018 – here are our top 10 hen party ideas for the 21st century bride.

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Take it to the next level with these fun and exciting hen party ideas

1. Health Hen

Swap cocktails for smoothies and table dancing for downward dog and take your stressed out bride-to-be on a healthy and relaxed yoga retreat.

2. Bake off

If your hen is partial to a technical challenge, why not put those culinary skills to the test with a special hen weekend modelled on The Great British Bake Off.

3. Gossip girl

Blare Waldorf’s coveted sleepovers do not have to die with the series. Let your hen’s super-chic (and bitchy) side come alive as the host of the ultimate pyjama party.

4. Hip Hop class

Forget pole dancing or even Zumba, it’s time to throw your inhibitions to the wind, and dance like you mean it – watch out Beyonce!

5. Surf’s up

Is your hen a little on the outdoorsy side? Why not put your fitness levels to the test with a totally rad surfing weekend – surf’s up dude.

6. It’s a Knockout

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could try your hand at one of these thrilling courses with all your besties? Well, you can! And I promise you won’t laugh as much doing anything else!

7. Escape room

Could you and your best friends work out an escape route together under pressure? There’s only one way to find out!

8. Zombie chic

It’s the last thing your hen would expect, but certainly one of the most memorable! Dress up as the walking dead or fight your way through them in an action packed zombie adventure.

9. Underground playground

Go down, deep down and then bounce around! It’s trampolining but in caves! If this doesn’t create memories, then nothing will.

10. Sing your heart out

There’s karaoke, and then there’s recording your own song together in a recording studio or making your own music video together. Enough said…

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