Warning! This video may make you drool uncontrollably… Creme Egg pancake calzone is a thing

Creme Egg pancake calzone: ‘Egg-spert’ Baker Liam Charles has whipped up some goo-ey creme egg recipes

Creme Egg pancake calzone

Get stocked up while you can because you are going to want to make these again and again and again…

If you’re searching for a new way to eat your Creme Eggs as Easter approaches, look no further, because Liam Charles of Great British Bake Off fame has joined forces with Cadbury Creme Egg to create a series of irresistibly goo-ey recipes, such as the Creme Egg pancake calzone.

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The egg-citing new recipes, which include Creme Egg pancake calzone, Creme Egg crepe cake, Goo-ey date pudding and Goooo-fancy are easy to recreate at home, and are bound to make you drool so be warned before you watch the video below.

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