Which fake tan is right for you?

Summer is here but don’t have a fake tan disaster – we’ve done the hard work for you so you can apply with confidence! Here’s LIVING’s fake tan tried & tested

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Want to look this good on the beach? Time to get that fake tan technique down!

Getting ourselves ready for summer is a tough old challenge; we spend the first 6 months of the year fighting the flab, knowing that when July swings around, we’ll be attempting to squeeze in to those skimpy bikinis and swimsuits we see in the shops. Then when summer hits, and the sun starts to appear, it’s a race against time to look the part, before it disappears again. From our nails to our hair, we give our style a seasonal lift and one of the biggest changes to our beauty regime has to be the application of fake tan – if we’re daring to get our pins out, we want them to look good and from making our limbs appear smoother, to looking longer and slimmer, fake tan gets the big thumbs up from us at LIVING.

So, we put brands to the test! 

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St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion £14.50 

It sounds like it shouldn’t work but it does! This lotion is easy to apply and builds up your tan gradually with no fuss and minimal mess. If you have children or don’t have the time to stand around and wait for a tan to dry, this is the perfect tan for you.




Dry Oil Self Tanning Mist St. Moriz Dry Oil Self Tanning Mist £9.99 

The oil is clear in colour so it’s a little difficult to see where you have applied but it went on smoothly and my skin felt nice and moisturised. It was quick drying and the colour was nice and subtle. Great for a gradual tan and it’s definitely buildable. It faded nice and evenly over the next couple of days.



Manuka Doctor Api-Bronze Anti-Cellulite Bronzing Gel £24.99 

The gel smells great and the toffee colour makes it easy to see where you are applying. It was dry after 15 minutes but you need an hour for it to fully develop. The light shade is perfect for pale skin, (darker tones may need another coat), and it leaves skin feeling lovely and soft with a smoother appearance.




Skinny Tan Express Mousse £29.99 

Using the skinny tan mitt to apply will protect your hands from any staining. The mousse comes out very dark but it softens slightly when applied to the skin. The colour had formed well after an hour but leaving it overnight will achieve maximum effect and make it last longer.




Dr Organic Moroccan Glow Light Self Tan Mousse £14.99

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You know you are using an organic product when you start applying as it had a very strong scent but application was easy and fuss-free and it could be applied to the face and body. The light colour was really natural looking but it seem to get darker on my skin as the week went on.




Sunkissed Once A Week Self-Tan Mousse £5.21 

This tan worked fast as I was able to get dressed after just 5 minutes. It’s very dark in colour so best to protect your hands with a mitt. The longer you leave this on the darker you go – I let it develop overnight. I was very dark and patchy in the morning but after a shower it gave me a nice even tan.





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