How to find love in 2018 – survey reveals the latest dating behaviour

Happn, the dating app to find the people you’ve crossed paths with, has undertaken a huge survey into the nation’s dating habits and promises to help you find love in 2018

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The research of 2,000 daters revealed what turns us on – and off!  For 66% of women, their date playing on their phone was the biggest faux-pas, followed by flirting with the waiter or waitress.  For men, it’s getting drunk followed by talking about an ex!

Shockingly, a third (30%) of single people in the UK admit to not knowing how to flirt!  But for those who do, the most preferred style of flirting is making their date laugh – with 45% of men saying that is their tactic and 51% of women.  Other top methods of flirting included smiling, being complimentary and physical contact.

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But how does the nation prepare for a date?  According to the happn research, Brits spend around 1 hour 20 minutes (78 minutes) getting ready for a date.  And the research has surprisingly confirmed men spend LONGER than women getting ready (albeit by just 3 minutes!) at 79 minutes vs 76 minutes for women.  In fact, a quarter (23%) of men spend over two hours getting ready, compared to one in ten (10%) women.

Meanwhile, the top thing to do in the eyes of both men, and women, is to make an effort with appearance.  Second priority for men is for their date to be confident – and for women, taking an interest in their date’s personal life.  According to happn, men are more likely to make up their mind if they are interested in their date – with nearly half (47%) saying they make up their mind after just a few minutes – compared to a third (35%) of women.

Proving the huge difference between men and women, the research found that men are more regular daters than women with 28% going on dates twice or more a week, compared to just 9% of single women! However, we are a cautious bunch, with people on average spending 21 days talking to someone online before meeting them face to face.  The older generation bucks this trend, with the over 55’s spending only 14 days chatting before going on a date.  Regionally speaking, the Welsh are the most forward – meeting after only just 12 days of talking.

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On average, the most popular night of the week to date is a Saturday, however, this is isn’t reflected across the regions; in London and the North East the preference is a weeknight date (51%) while all other regionals, including 80% in the South West, prefer to date at the weekend.

Hayley Quinn, Dating Expert says: “The results of happn’s dating study didn’t surprise me when it showed we are a nation of timid flirts – dating apps are so popular because they give you the opportunity to meet and build a connection before having to meet in real life. How good you are at communicating via messaging on the app is also a great indicator of compatibility so you can make a better decision about who to invest your time in dating.

“In 2018 singles are comparatively time poor and also more focused on gender equality than in the past; so it’s also interesting to see men spending more time than women with their pre-date grooming. In turn I think we’ll also see a trend for more women making the first move. Dating apps like happn provide a great platform for people to take that ‘chance’ but your dating success ultimately comes down to your ability to take responsibility for your own happiness alongside a little bit of luck.”

The survey also looked at how much we as a nation are spending on a date.  On average, single Brits spend £70 on a first date – with men spending almost double the amount women do – at £92 compared to £47 by women.  But when asked whether the bill should be split, it was the older generation (over 55’s) preferring to ‘go Dutch’ with only 28% believing that men should pay the whole bill, compared to 41% of over 25s.  The biggest spenders were, rather unsurprisingly, in London spending £119 on a first date on average, with Yorkshire being the cheapest with £42 on average being spent!

But what happens when a date goes wrong?  A massive 70% of singles admitted to having left a date early while nearly two thirds (60%) say they always have an excuse prepared in case they want to leave early.

Claire Certain, Head of Trends at Dating App happn, which conducted the research says: “This has been our biggest study into UK dating trends to date and has revealed some fascinating results – particularly around the differences between men and women.  In this time of gender equality, it would appear that chivalry is indeed alive and well and is in fact still appreciated by most women.

“There is no ’magic bullet’ solution to finding love which is why we use hyperlocation, and real-time technology to encourage our users to meet their crush in real life and have more meaningful interactions.  You might have seen someone on the train that you hoped were single and then half an hour later they will pop up on your timeline.  We’ve created so many happy couples since launching in February 2014 and online dating is only set to increase in popularity as we live increasingly busy lives.”

happn is the first mobile dating app to use real-time geolocation to help you discover people you’ve crossed paths with in real life. Every time you cross paths with another Happn user, his or her profile appears on your app. The app currently has 45 million users around the world and operates in 50 major cities spread across 40 countries. happn is available to download for free via the App Store, Play Store and Windows Store.

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