These hay fever remedies mean you can still look fabulous all summer long

Suffering from hay fever? You can still look your best – and wear make-up – with these handy hay fever remedies 

Hay fever remedies
These hay fever remedies will help you look fabulous all summer long

Experts say we are set for one of the worst hay fever seasons in years. But, luckily there are hay fever remedies that will help you overcome those pesky pollen problems. 

Dr Sabrina Shah-Desai, an ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgeon, insists it’s crucial to start taking antihistamines early, before your symptoms start playing havoc with your health – and complexion.

“In hay fever, histamine causes eye symptoms such as inflammation, redness and itching by acting on H1 histamine receptors in the eyes,” says Sabrina.

“Eye drops block the H1 receptors, however, this treatment only works if taken before contact with the allergen, and it can take a number of weeks for the effects of the treatment to be seen.

“Cromoglicate is available as non-prescription eye drops, and is most beneficial in the treatment of red, watery and itchy eyes since oral anti-histamines do not always offer much relief.

“Steroids can be given as nasal sprays and eye drops and are particularly useful if they are started before the allergens appear. This may be a few weeks before the pollen season.”

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Top tips for surviving hay fever season

Hay fever symptoms can wreak havoc with your daily beauty routine, but fret not. You can avoid make-up misery with Sabrina’s few simple steps:

  1. Avoid stick on eye lashes as the glue could trigger an allergy. Too much mascara and eyeshadow can also worsen hay fever symptoms. Avoid shimmery eyeshadows, which will only draw attention to irritated skin around the eyes.
  2. Look for hypoallergenic make-up and read the labels closely. With soothing skin products, eye drops, natural home remedies and a bit of make-up as needed, your skin will feel soothed and less irritated.
  3. Using a white eyeliner pencil, apply a bit to the inner corner of each eye and smudge, this will give your eyes a more alert appearance. A brown/black or navy mascara can give the illusion of brighter eyes. Black mascaras are more likely to cast a shadow under the eye so they won’t do you any favours when your eyes are irritated from hay fever symptoms.
  4. Dot a concealer lightly under the eye area and over the lid, up to the brow bone. Pat it in gently, so as not to further irritate the delicate skin around the eyes. You can set the concealer with a loose powder. It’s worth remembering that skin tends to get drier from taking antihistamines so makeup will look more pronounced.

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