Mindfulness quiz analysis – what does your score mean?

Check your score against the results below to find out how you rated in our mindfulness quiz below!

Knowing what your mindfulness rating is can really help you in every aspect of your life. The more in touch with your emotional and physical state, the better equipped you are to deal with all of lives peaks and troughs. Check your score from our quiz below and read on to find advice and tips for maintaining a mindful life. 

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20-24 pts  

Congratulations! You truly are a mindful individual. You know what is likely to cause you stress and you have the power and tools to focus this energy into a much more positive outlook. You recognise the importance of spending the time to focus your mind to the present not just during negative situations but for the everyday too- understanding that mindfulness is preventative as well as a reactive tool for life.

TIP: Share your mindfulness approach with your work colleagues by asking them to join you for a lunchtime session of mediation and breathing exercises or get together before a brainstorm to really draw out those lightening ideas!

15-19 pts

You are aware of what it takes to be mindful but you are not as confident in how to use them in the best way for mindful success. You often wait until a situation brings you down before you pull on your mindfulness techniques to get you through it. Remember that you can use mindfulness as a way of life, as much of your daily routine as a cup of tea and brushing your teeth.

TIP: Try incorporating a session of mindfulness breathing during your morning shower to prepare you for the day ahead.


You have the tools to really be a mindful person but you are sometimes guilty of pushing it back on your list of priorities. Being too busy to practice mindfulness will only cloud your judgement futher and actually if you take the time to centre your mind at regular times during the day you will be much more productive and thankful of the things you have in life.

Less than 8 pts

Don’t worry that you are not there yet. Being mindful is not challenging, everyone is capable of mindfulness if they know how to use the techniques and apply them to ever day life. If you are feeling down in the dumps, anxious or depressed regularly, you are not alone. While talking to your doctor if you feel this way is important, you can also help yourself by incorporating some mindful techniques into your day.

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