The rise of the sophisticated hen weekend – 85% would prefer classy over tacky

Pretty friends on a hen night at the nightclub

A new study conducted by a UK based holiday company has revealed that 85% of brides to be and their hen parties would prefer a classy hen weekend over a tacky one. ‘Not getting drunk’, ‘spending quality time with family and friends’, ‘doing something productive’ and ‘being pampered’ emerged as the top reasons why women are choosing classy breaks away, with many happy to pay from £100 to £300 for a weekend away including activities.

New research conducted by a holiday company, which specialises in 4 and 5-star cottages, apartments and lodges in the UK, reveals that more brides are looking for classy events to celebrate their impending nuptials. This is over the traditional tacky, “drink as much as you can and embarrass yourself/the bride as much as possible” hen parties.

The team at polled over 2,065 brides, bridesmaids and anyone attending a hen weekend in the coming year, or who had attended a hen weekend within the last year, aged 18 and over, asking: “Would you rather go to a classy or tacky hen party?” They found that a massive 85% want classy over tacky.

When asked to disclose the various reasons as to why they wanted to have or would prefer to attend a classy event, the main explanations were revealed as follows:

  1. To spend quality time with family and friends – 75%
  2. Did not want to get very drunk – 56%
  3. Be pampered – 31%
  4. Do something productive – 26%
  5. Not to be embarrassed – 18%

When questioning brides to be on whether they would be happy to take a surprise hen weekend away in the UK, spending time with family and friends, and doing something productive or being pampered, the majority of respondents (76%) agreed that they would.

To find out how much hen parties would pay for the right weekend away, Blue Chip Holidays also asked: “How much would you be willing to pay to go on a hen weekend?” The majority of relevant respondents (57%) would be happy to spend between £100 and £300 for a stay of one night with activities included. 33% would be happy to pay between £300 and £500 for a long weekend away, with activities and 10% would pay more than £500 for up to 5 days away and activities.

Tori Kirwan-Taylor, Brand & Communications Manager for Blue Chip Holidays, talked about the survey, saying:

“Hen parties have now become more like events themselves, as groups want opt for tasteful over tacky. Activities that everyone can get involved in which are affordable and leave everyone with great memories   are now preferred over getting drunk and being embarrassed by your friends. We have recently seen many parties’ book in for an elegant break away, spending quality time with their nearest and dearest before their big day.”

She added:

“To make a hen weekend something to remember, we pride ourselves on offering services to our guests that go above and beyond. Ideal for hen parties, you can arrange for a private chef to cook for you, have someone to come to your property to pamper you, and also arrange exciting activities for your hens to enjoy. No longer do these events have to be something that leaves you with a bad head and patchy memories.”