Why the best holidays start from a local airport

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare – you’ve spent months looking forward to your next getaway, and next thing you know you’re stuck in the terminal of a transfer airport. After what seems like hours of waiting about and exhausting every single clue of that last crossword, you’re finally given the go-ahead to continue with your holiday. Save yourself the bother of a transfer flight from somewhere else, and read our three reasons why flying locally from Birmingham Airport should be a top priority for any Staffordshire holidaymaker…

Discover far-flung destinations





Image by neiljs, used under CC License (CC by 2.0)

Lose yourself to Caribbean culture and discover Cuba. Sample the finest casks of rum and feast in the island’s most renowned delicacies, all filled with Spanish, African and local influences. When you fly from closer to home you open yourself up to some of the world’s most beguiling destinations, and in actual fact, Cuba is just the tip of that iceberg.

Jet across to the Mediterranean and uncover the delights of the Costa del Sol, spending your days basking in Andalusian sunshine and your nights sampling the area’s famed wines. Perhaps you’d rather bask in the culture-rich countries further north in Europe. Hop on a plane to Scandinavia and discover Stockholm’s picturesque harbours, or head to the river Danube and spend a few days losing yourself to Budapest’s enchanting baths and buildings of grandeur. Whether you’re a art or wine aficionado, or are simply content to laze away on a sun lounger, your next big adventure could start from Birmingham Airport. …

Indulge in shops and eateries

Picture the scene – you’ve arrived at the airport, dropped your bags, and are now faced with a few hours to kill before takeoff. Thinking about it, there’s only two logical things to do – shop and eat. Birmingham Airport has eateries and retail outlets by the bucket-load, so all you serial shoppers and foodies are in good hands. In need of some new clothes or a book before you hit the sunlounger? The airport has Next and WHSmith stores, amongst many other desirable outlets. Take advantage, stock up on beach clothes and you’ll look swift whenever you leave the hotel.

Start your holiday as you mean to continue

Image by Russell James Smith, used under CC License (CC by 2.0)

Most people like a little luxury whenever they go on holiday. After all, it’s only natural to want to be somewhere plush and generally enjoyable on your precious time off. Birmingham Airport has lounge facilities perfect for kicking your getaway off on a stylish note. Across the Aspire and Number One lounges there are plenty of spots ideal for a coffee before you depart. There’s even seats near the windows, so you can entertain your inner plane-spotter and watch new departures disappear into the horizon while arrivals land before you.

If you live anywhere near Birmingham Airport, take full advantage of the range of options presented. You don’t need to fly to London to take a trans-continental holiday – the best vacations are right here on your doorstep. Save time and money and kickstart your vacation from near Staffordshire