5 eating out ideas for Mother’s Day in Staffordshire

Here are some great eating out ideas for Mother’s Day in Staffordshire. Go on and treat mum to the best this year!

Mother’s Day in Staffordshire
Treat your mum with these dining ideas for Mother’s Day in Staffordshire

Mother’s Day is on the horizon and it’s time to think about what you are going to do to make the women in your life feel special. Nothing says thank you more than being served a fabulous meal. And with so many great restaurants, Mother’s Day in Staffordshire is hard to beat.

But where will you go for your culinary date?  We’ve got a dining out idea for every type of mum and it’s going to be easier than you think to impress!

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1. Afternoon tea for the fancy mum 

She has a sweet tooth, a love for a refreshing cup of tea and, well, she’s just a little bit fabulous. So what better match for this stylish and chic mum than a spot of afternoon tea. Miniature sandwiches, pastries, plenty of sugary loveliness and of course the tea, and there is probably champagne too, another favourite of the fancy mum.

She’ll have the perfect excuse to dress up making her feel extra special and with all the variety and choice on the menu, no one will be stuck for something to eat. Let’s face it, it’s all delicious.

Win extra brownie points by combining your lunch date with a spot of hassle free shopping beforehand, or an hour in the salon for a heavenly blow dry and you will have served up a great day to remember.

2. Pub grub for the chilled out mum 

She’s an easy going girl, with good vibes and great chat. She knows what she likes and it’s wholesome pub grub. She’s happiest in a relaxed setting, with a plate of hearty comfort food and her family laughing around her.

A good roast, veggies and gravy, it’s the ultimate Mother’s Day menu, with a dollop of decadence for pudding, of course. It’ll be minimal fuss but just how she likes it and everyone will feel relaxed and at ease in a pub environment.

Make her day even more memorable and organise a beautiful countryside walk with the family before the meal or walk-away the sins with a stroll afterwards. It doesn’t matter what you do, your chilled out mum wants everyone together and this is the perfect setting to do it. 

3. The all-you-can-eat buffet for the indecisive mum 

She’s a bit all over the place but her heart is where it should be. She couldn’t tell you her favourite food and wouldn’t know where to go but you won’t fail if you give her a much choice as possible!

Pick a cuisine you know she likes and tuck into an all-you-can-eat buffet. She might even find a new love for food!

Don’t worry about looking like you’re stretching your money with a cost saving meal idea either, you can make up for it by booking her in for a mud bath or massage afterwards because all she’ll want to do after all that food is lie down and relax. 

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4. A Michelin-starred affair for the perfectionist mum 

She’s impressive in the kitchen and likes everything to be perfect. So what do you do for the mum who could give Gordan Ramsay a run for his money? You pull out all the stops, or should we say stars, and book into a Michelin Grade restaurant.

Hopefully she’ll be speechless at the sheer culinary excellence, and you could even ask the chefs to put on a little bit of food theatre as a special treat. 

How do you improve on perfection, I hear you cry? Why not throw in an overnight stay in a nearby hotel for your mum and whoever she wishes. If you play your cards right, that might be you.

5. Picnic perfect for the fun mum

She’s never down, she always manages a smile and she picks you up when you are down. It’s the fun mum and there is no better dinner date than a playful picnic in the park. So pack that basket with sandwiches, pies, quiches and salads, not forgetting the sprinkled cupcakes and a sweet sparkling wine.

It’s a paper plates and plastic glasses affair and you’ll all going to love it! Pack plenty of food and you can graze all day, if the weather is nice, play lawn games or cards and make a day of it.

Let’s just hope those pesky April showers don’t show up early!

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