The Best Types of Mattresses for Back Pain

Joy Richards is the sleep specialist at online bed and mattress retailer Happy Beds. Joy runs The Comfort Zone, the company’s news hub, which helps customers to sleep better and find the comfiest beds and mattresses for their homes. So we asked her advice on what mattress would be best if you suffer with back problems. Continue reading for her words of wisdom!

If you suffer from back pain, chances are you find it difficult to sleep at night. While, unfortunately, I can’t fix your back pain, I can advise you on the types of mattresses that will help to relieve it.

Are you fed up with feeling constantly fatigued due to disturbed nights? Here you can discover how to choose the best mattress for back pain, so you can achieve the quality sleep you deserve.

Medium Support

You may think a firm mattress is the way forward if you’re suffering with back pain, but this isn’t the case. In fact, mattresses that are too firm can push against the spine – which is the very last thing you need. I’d recommended choosing a mattress that’s firm enough to support your lower back, but soft enough to contour to your body shape.

A medium support mattress will offer your bad back the sufficient support it needs – without causing pressure damage.

Memory Foam

The beauty of a memory foam mattress is that no matter what your sleeping position is, it can support you. How? Well, the foam used in this type of mattress is designed to mould exactly to your natural body shape. So, whether you’re sleeping in the foetal or freefall position, soldier or starfish, you can sleep comfortably on a memory foam mattress.

It’s also a great choice for spine alignment. Memory foam spreads the weight of your body across the bed’s surface, so it’s definitely an option to consider if you want a mattress than can support your lower back and enable your spine to stay in a neutral position.

Latex Foam

If you need relief from pressure point discomfort, a latex foam mattress is your best bet. While latex is a natural rubber and is regarded as a firm and stiff material, a latex foam mattress is made to offer optimum comfort and can effectively provide support, in addition to pressure relief.

In fact, it’s similar to memory foam in the way that it enables your body weight to be distributed across the surface of the mattress, preventing pressure from focussing on heavier parts of the body and, in turn, providing night-long comfort for sleepers with back pain.

However, unlike memory foam, latex instantly springs back to its original shape when compressed. So, if the sinking feeling of a memory mattress isn’t for you, a latex foam mattress is right up your street.

Reflex Foam

Ideally, when lying in bed, you want your spine to be in the same position as standing to promote a restful sleep. A reflex foam mattress provides support and firmness, ensuring good spinal alignment.

While reflex foam adapts to your body shape, it also regains its original shape very quickly – hence why it’s called reflex foam! This mattress works wonders as it reacts to your movements, cocooning your body instead of pushing back against you.

A reflex foam mattress boasts highly supportive qualities, making it a fine choice if you’re a sufferer of both upper and lower back pain.

Now you know the best types of mattresses for back pain, you can kiss goodbye to broken sleep. If you purchase the right mattress for your needs, you’ll sleep comfortably in bed every night of the week – regardless of your back pain.