How to choose your wedding theme – quiz results

Taken our wedding quiz on how to choose your wedding theme? Here are the results based on your answers

Choose your wedding theme
How to choose your wedding theme

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Mostly As: Fancy vintage

Take a step back in time and bring a fun and fancy vintage style to your big day. You enjoy the simple things in life and thrive on cute and quirky designs that appeal to young and old. Tradition is important but personality and individual touches are at the top of the list, and you are not afraid to get stuck in with some DIY to make it even more personal.

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Mostly Bs: Elegant chic

It’s a classic take on the traditional big white wedding with a chic and elegant edge. You expect nothing less than extravagance, opulence and luxury for your big day but it’s always tasteful. You will incorporate the usual customs and traditions but there’ll also be personal touches here and there. Your day is graceful and unforgettable.

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Mostly Cs: Charming rustic  

Head outdoors because your big day is going to be relaxed and fun with a unique festival vibe. The emphasis is firmly on keeping things easy-going and bohemian to match your laidback personality. Personal touches are super-important and will form the basis of your big day – forget the rule book when it comes to your big day you rewrite them all.

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Need more inspo? Here are a few more top tips for how to choose your wedding theme 

  1. Keep being inspired

Research, research and then research some more. There are magazines you can flick through and websites you can browse that are full of exciting ideas and inspiration. Give yourself half an hour each night to have a good old peruse through it all.

  1. Create a sketch book

Whether you tear out pieces of magazines and stick them in a sketch book or you create pin boards on your phone. Keep mood boards and theme boards so you can capture your inspiration. Then when you go back to look though, you’ll start to notice trends in what you do and don’t like.

  1. Take notes

You might be in the middle of planning your own wedding, but you’ll also be invited to others. We don’t expect you to take a pen and paper but make some mental notes on what you loved about the weddings you attend so that you can recreate those touches your way for your own big day.

  1. Special touches

And don’t forget to think about the special touches that will make your day extra special and unique to you. These may not always fit the theme but sometimes they are too important to leave out. These are the memories you and your guests will take away with them.

  1. Work together

Don’t forget to include your partner. Sure, it’s tempting to let your inner bridezilla run away with you, but don’t forget that this day is just as important to your other half. They may have ideas and elements they are keen to include too so be sure to communicate with each other on these before making a decision.

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