Take our quiz to reveal the perfect wedding theme for you

Choosing your wedding theme is not an easy task so we’ve devised this quiz to help you find your perfect style match!

Choose your wedding theme
How to choose your wedding theme

You and your partner have finally taken the plunge and got engaged and now the fun can really begin. But planning a wedding is no easy feat. And, unless you’re one of those girls who have had every last detail planned and executed in your mind since you were a little girl, the likelihood is you’ll find just choosing the style of your wedding a challenge when faced with all the mountain of options.

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But take this easy 9-question quiz and hopefully you’ll feel a little closer to choosing your perfect wedding theme. Make a note of how many ‘as’, ‘bs’ and ‘cs’ you get at the end to reveal the perfect theme for you.

1. Choose one of these dream dates for you and your partner

a) A picnic in the park followed by cosying up with a romantic drive-in movie

b) An expensive dinner at a flash restaurant and on for cocktails afterwards of course

c) Cycling or walking to your favourite scenic spot and stopping off for fish and chips on the way home

2. What are your favourite things to do together?

a) Roller skating, a carnival or thrifting

b) Dining out, shopping and walking the dogs

c) Star gazing, comedy club and playing games like rounders at the par

3. Which of these celebrities do you most relate to?

a) Taylor Swift

b) Miranda Kerr

c) Carrie Underwood

4. Pick your favourite dish

a) Pie and mash

b) Hog roast

c) Homemade pizza

5. Which statement best describes your engagement ring?

a) Quirky yet elegant

b) A statement classic

c) Uniquely beautiful

6. How important is it to have traditional elements to your day?

a) Fairly important

b) Very important

c) Not important

7. When you think of your wedding attire, is it…

a) All things lace

b) Structure and pearl

c) Embellished bohemian

8. Which of these are you most drawn to?

a) A retro VW Camper Van

b) A classic Rolls Royce

c) A rustic tractor and trailer

9. Which is your favourite flower?

a) Hydrangeas

b) Rose

c) Lily of the Valley

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