This Mercedes A Class 200 Sport is a class act

Looking for a stylish hatchback car? Read our Mercedes A Class 200 Sport review by motoring journalist Sue Cooke 

mercedes A class 200 sport review
This car is a class act among hatchbacks

Our extremely busy roads need our full attention, so if you can find a car which is packed with very helpful technology then life on the road is more enjoyable. And motoring journalist Sue Cooke thinks she’s found the one. Check out her Mercedes A class 200 Sport review below.

I’ve been road testing the new Mercedes Benz A Class hatchback this week and my little friend in the dashboard has been such a help. “Hey Mercedes,” I greet her every morning, and my every command is obeyed.  Mercedes says the voice assistant creates an emotional connection between the vehicle, driver and passengers and will adapt to your needs. It does. “Hey Mercedes,” I say, “I’m too cold,” and she increases the heating. 

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Clever hatchback car

The Artificial Intelligence is way above what I’ve experienced on other cars and she has such a capable voice. You don’t have to look away from the road ahead to press a button.  You just ask this lady to find a route to your destination.  The technology isn’t overwhelming and is really simple to use, especially  the MBUX. 

Get behind the wheel and there is one huge screen across the dash, with a choice of two 7 or 10 inch displays – one displaying the usual dials and another the infotainment.  These can be adjusted to a classic or sporty look, using buttons and dials on the steering wheel. Between the front seats, there is a touch pad which clicks as your finger moves to the instruction you need. The head up display shows the road ahead and the sat nav instructions and there is even a display which flashes if you are exceeding the speed limit on the road.

The interior 

I found the cabin to be such a quiet calming interior which is pure luxury with gorgeous lighting, no hard plastics but a leather look. High gloss piano black and aluminium trim add to the quality feel. 

There are many useful storage spaces including an area in the door which will hold tall bottles.  There is a choice of three seats – base, comfort or Sport and suspension can be altered to comfort or sport mode.  You can pull the seat cushion out to provide more leg support.  The steering wheel can be fully adjusted with one hand and turbine air vents click as they pull open.

The camera system will show a 360 degree view around the car as well as a rear view and there is even a camera at the front of the vehicle which when you stop at a junction will clearly show what is ahead.

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The drive

Driving the A class is a different driving experience which once you get used to it, is actually much easier than a traditional car. To engage the gears, there is a stalk behind the steering wheel.  The push button on the dash starts the ignition and another button is the automatic handbrake. 

The 2 litre petrol engine is powerful with 200hp and provides instant acceleration to get onto a busy roundabout.  Mercedes has just launched two new diesel engines, the A200 d Sport which delivers up to 67.3 mpg on the combined cycle and emits 110 g/km of CO2 and the A220 d AMG Line.

Driving a car like the Mercedes Benz A Class provides for a very enjoyable and safe journey.

Facts at a Glance

  • Model: Mercedes A class 200 Sport
  • Price: £24.695 otr without options
  • Engine: 200 Sport
  • Performance: 0-62mph in 8.1 seconds and on to a top speed of 139 mph
  • CO2 emissions: 132 g/km
  • Combined fuel consumption: 49.6mpg

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