8 reasons why solid wood flooring is the time-honoured choice for your home

From its timeless appeal to its durability and style, here are 8 reasons why solid wood flooring is one of the best choices for home renovations

solid wood flooring
Here’s why you should choose solid wood flooring for your home renovations

Customers looking for new floors often give a pass to solid wood flooring because of the high price tag. However, the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial high investment, making solid wood a universal choice when you’re looking for floors that last through generations.

Let’s take a look at the features that make solid wood flooring so exceptional and cherished the world over.

1. Timeless appeal

Solid wood flooring has a certain vintage appeal to them that is hard to replicate. This flooring is usually associated with heritage properties, manor houses or old cottages in rustic surroundings. It conjures up an image of old-world charm that’s missing from modern homes. The timeless appeal of solid hardwood is what makes it a top choice.

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2. Elegance and class

Solid wood flooring has always been considered a privilege of the rich and the famous. Installing floors made of solid wood is sure to impart a touch of class and style to your interiors that will make your property an envy of your neighbours. The rich, warm and luxurious look of solid wood flooring cannot be achieved with any other floor, which is why it is much sought-after despite the high price tag.

3. Extreme durability

Few other floors are as durable as solid wood flooring. No wonder, these floors are a prime feature of century-old houses. They can withstand high activity and regular footfall for generations. They are hardly affected by daily wear and tear and even if they are, the minor scratches further add to their vintage appeal. Once installed, solid wood flooring becomes a family heirloom that is passed on through generations.

However, you can re-sand the surface for as many times as you want (something you cannot do with other floors). Moreover, given their extremely resilience, solid wood floors are perfectly compatible with underfloor heating systems installed in most modern homes today.

4. Endless options

Solid hardwood floors are a great way to bring a slice of nature into your interiors. The floors are made from a single piece of solid wood that is machine cut to different dimensions.

solid wood flooring
Few other floors are as durable as solid wood flooring

5. And the options are limitless

Whether you love oak, ash, beech, cherry, walnut or maple, there is always a solid wood floor that will blend seamlessly with your interiors. The natural knots, grains, imperfections and patterns on the surface further enhance the looks of these enchanting floors.

The surface texture varies too from distressed look to naturally oiled, UV lacquered to freshly sawed or even unfinished. In fact, solid hardwood floors offer you limitless possibilities to indulge the designer in you.

6. Easy to maintain

It’s a fallacy that solid wood floors are difficult to maintain. In fact, compared to other flooring options like carpets, it is easier to keep your hardwood floor clean and dust free. Wood does not absorb dust as carpets do. What’s more, any dust that’s collected on the floor can be easily removed. In case of stains, simply wipe off using a soft and damp cloth.

And a weekly mop will help keep it looking shining new. Just remember not to use a wet mop or a steam mop as too much moisture can damage the wood.

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7. Totally hygienic

Since regular sweeping or vacuuming will suffice, the chances of pollution in your surroundings is minimal. Moreover, being totally natural, solid wood floors have no toxic emissions that can cause discomfort.

With solid hardwood flooring, you can be sure of an environment that is totally free of allergens, pollutants, dust or toxic emissions.

8. Excellent long-term investment

When maintained properly, solid wood flooring will last a lifetime. It is the best long-term investment you can make as the benefits you reap make every penny worth it.

And if you ever sell your property, you are sure to get an excellent value just for the fact that it features solid wood flooring. One of UK’s largest retailers of solid wood floors, Lifestyle Flooring UK, has many ranges available at considerably low prices.

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