How to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day meal at home

Planning a DIY Valentine’s Day meal at home this year? Treat your loved one to a Valentine’s Day they’ll never forget with these quick tips  

Valentine's Day meal
How to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day meal at home this year

Finding the perfect way to treat the love of your life on Valentine’s Day can be tough. After all, a meal out in a candlelit bistro is great – but sitting in a room full of couples who’ve all had the same idea can kill the romance a little.

So, this year ditch the restaurant reservations and get cooking at home. You can make it unique, personal and your date is sure to fall in love with your efforts.

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1. Keep it simple

The key to creating an evening to remember for both of you is to not over complicate things.

Make a dish that can be created quickly and easily, as you want to be with your love rather than slaving over a hot stove for hours.

Complicated recipes will also leave you in a flap, especially if things start to go wrong. Being red-faced, sweaty and stressed out is not a good start to a Valentine’s evening.

Hard-to-eat foods are also a bad idea. No-one wants to be battling with tricky spaghetti or worrying about spinach getting stuck in their teeth when they’re trying to be romantic. Similarly, it’s off-putting to hear slurping or watch sauce dribbling down the other person’s chin, and don’t even mention chillies and hot spices. It’s safer to leave them out, you don’t want your date to be fired up for the wrong reasons. Garlic, too is a no-no.

Stick to safe options, such as risotto, salmon or steak and chips. Easy to prepare and easy to eat. But don’t forget to check if your date is a vegetarian, vegan or has some other dietary requirement.

2. Table etiquette

You want to impress your date and make them feel special so a beautifully decorated table is a must. And making the love of your life gasp with delight when they see how much effort you’ve gone to just for them will certainly set the mood.

You could use flowers and some fun quirky accessories, such as a flutter of heart confetti on the table, little place settings and some love heart sweets.

Candles are also great for creating soft mood lighting, which is perfect for romance. The last thing you want is a glaring bright light ruining the atmosphere.

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3. Little touches

You might cook the loveliest meal and buy the most beautiful gift, which is fantastic, but add in some extra little touches and you can guarantee it will be those that last longest in the memory.

A fun dessert, such as a heart-shaped cake or a chocolate pot with a special Valentine’s decoration could offer a sweet little touch to round off the meal.

Mixing a special cocktail, with little decorations in the glass will also be memorable.

And your choice of music for the evening is vital. If your date has a favourite singer or song, then make sure you play it. Perhaps create a “mixtape” play list for the evening of songs that mean something to both of you.

And the most important thing of all? Relax and enjoy your evening.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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