4 ways to up-style Easter this year

On the hunt for fresh Easter ideas this year? We spoke to celebrity party planner Liz Taylor for her advice on how to up-style Easter 

Easter ideas at home
Easter ideas: Up-style Easter Day with these simple tips and tricks

No sooner have we said goodbye to our Christmas decorations and festive food and drinks, that Easter Day seems to pop up out of nowhere! But is it time to switch up your classic Easter traditions for something new?


If you’re hosting an Easter get together or looking for fresh Easter ideas for you home decor, we have you covered. Make it the biggest and most stylish ever with these up-styling ideas from celebrity party planner, Liz Taylor.

1. Upgrade Your Easter Décor

Most of us will decorate our homes at Christmas, but Easter is a festival that often gets overlooked in the home décor stakes.   

Take inspiration from decorations traditionally hung in the festive season and give them an Easter twist. Hang an egg wreath or a floral spring garland on your front door instead of the traditional festive holly wreath. Or hang pastel coloured paper chains or bunting made from vintage floral fabrics.

Where the stag is a traditional winter motif, Easter is all about bunnies. Simply adding a few cushions or a table cloth and napkins with a rabbit or hare design will instantly make your room fit the season. Mix in layers of linen, hessian and fabrics with texture for rustic appeal.

Easter trees are set to really take off this year too.  These elegant white trees have bare branches which you can hang Easter decorations from. Add fairy lights and delicately hand-painted eggs, paper flowers and feathers for a gorgeous display.

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2. Take a Fresh Look at Flowers

Seasonal flowers such as freesia, peonies, tulips and ranunculi are beautiful in the springtime and will fill your home with scent and colour. There’s nothing more inviting to guests than walking into a room filled with fresh blooms. 

For a dramatic display you need an arrangement with height and an abundance of blossoms. Floral walls have become very popular as a wedding backdrop in recent years and are also great for Easter.

Another gorgeous idea is to arrange flowers around a vintage mannequin stand, with layers of tulle, flowers and foliage making up the bodice and skirt. This works especially well for an Easter wedding. 

3. Throw a Party to Remember

Traditional lawn games such as croquet, skittles and boules will add a fun element to your Easter shindig – and will certainly keep the guests entertained.

Take this idea a step further and opt for a fairground theme, serving candyfloss, popcorn and traditional lemonade.

Upscale the entertainment with vintage fair stalls such as hook-a-duck, hoopla and tin-can alley. You could even give a coconut shy an Easter twist by replacing the coconuts with giant eggs to knock off the stands.

Animal petting parties are another fantastic idea for Easter. There are companies that can bring a host of furry friends along to your get together. Children will love petting some real-life Easter bunnies and chicks, even lambs!

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No Easter party would be complete without an Easter egg hunt. But rather than simply hiding Easter eggs, why not turn it into a quiz or treasure hunt where your young guests have to solve clues to find their bounty.

Give each child a beautifully decorated personalised basket, or even better have them decorate their baskets first as another entertaining craft activity.  Be sure to make it age appropriate with riddles and rhymes for older children, perhaps cutting out brightly coloured paw prints for smaller ones to follow.

Alternatives to a traditional basket include upturned vintage parasols (for a more grown up affair) or toy vehicles or mini shopping trolleys for children to push around and fill with goodies.

4. Food for Thought

Switch traditional Easter lunch for a vintage afternoon tea with delicate finger sandwiches and miniature cakes and pastries decorated with an Easter theme. 

For a centrepiece, elevate a traditional Simnel cake by stacking two or three on top of one another like a tiered wedding cake.  Decorate with fresh flowers or candy eggs.

Alternatively, you can spice up the traditional Easter Sunday roast with some exotic influences. Serve up a Moroccan banquet with aromatic spiced lamb alongside, colourful tagines and huge sharing platters.

And saving the best for last – the chocolate eggs.  Upgrade your Easter Eggs by wrapping them in beautiful fabrics – tied with twine or patterned ribbon.  If you’re particularly creative, you could even try making homemade eggs and decorating them with an array of sugary treats.

Liz Taylor is managing director of the Taylor Lynn Corporation, a UK-based wedding and events management organisation.

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