Cities across the globe to visit for food, culture, or wellness this spring

LIVING‘s 2019 travel calendar – here’s where to go to taste the best food and drink, to discover the best culture and to restore your mind, body and soul this spring

2019 travel calendar
2019 Travel calendar: Here’s our guide to the best places to holiday for food and drink, wellness and culture

In need of a holiday? You are not alone. A glimmer of sunshine in the sky makes us all feel like jetting off for a break. And if you want to match your destination to your needs this year, we’ve come up with a 2019 travel calendar. So, whether you want to enjoy the best food and drink, culture or have some well-deserved R&R, here’s where to go in March and April.

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Foodie’s will love Dublin’s mix of Michelin-starred restaurants and quaint cafes. Head there in March and experience the city during the St Patrick’s Day parade and festivities. 


Discover the South American country of Panama, which is full of exciting and unique culture. From coffee farms to cloud forest tours, the refurbished Panama Canal and bustling cities, there is something for everyone. Visit in March for an average temperature of 28 degrees C.


Ibiza may be synonymous with party culture, but it actually has a much softer and relaxing side to it, especially during the quieter spring months. Recharge your batteries at a meditation retreat or just enjoy a stay in the beautiful Ibizan countryside.

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With Mexican influences and cowboy culture, enjoy the deliciousness of burritos, chilli, steakhouses and barbecues all in one place. A Tex-Mex fusion of the tastiest comfort food going! Visit in April and enjoy the Fiesta San Antonio too. 


A spring city break in Frankfurt is full of cultural surprises – from the Goethe House Museum to the pretty timber houses that line cobbled streets and gothic-style churches. The opera house, zoological gardens and Zeil shopping district are also a must-see.


Take a trip inside this rich and vibrant city, an experience for the senses that you’ll either love or hate at the end. But for a dose of unadulterated enlightenment it’s got it in abundance – take a yoga retreat or detox holiday in the mountains and revitalise.

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