10 things to do in the garden right now

Wanting to do a bit of gardening now the weather has perked up a bit? Here’s 10 things you should be doing in the garden right now 

The gardening everyone can be doing now 

With the warmer weather and spring approaching it’s a good time to get out in your garden. And there are plenty of gardening jobs that you can be doing in your outside space, whether it’s enjoying the wildlife or getting it ready for the mild months ahead.

Here’s out top 10.

1. Get pruning

Now is a great time to get the garden ready for spring and summer. Prune winter flowering shrubs that have finished flowering, as well as evergreen hedges. You can also start to cut the grass if it’s dry enough.

2. Sowing the seed

You can start planting summer flowering bulbs at this time of year. Also, if you want to grow veg it’s good to get the shallots, potatoes and onions on the go this month. But make sure you protect any new shoots from pesky slugs.

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3. Lay down the lawn

If you’re going big on a renovation outside then it’s the perfect time to lay some new turf. Just make sure the ground isn’t too wet or frozen and try not to walk on it for a few weeks afterwards.

4. Clean up

Doing some general cleaning up will make your garden sparkle when the summer arrives. Use a pressure washer to clean patios, paving slabs and walls and don’t forget to give watering cans a wash too.

5. Stain and paint

If the weather stays dry then it’s worth treating timber structures, such as fences, gates, sheds, pergolas or arbours with wood stain if they need it. For those feeling a little more ambitious why not paint them a completely different colour? A little make-over will work wonders.

6. Make an insect hotel

These are a good way to attract useful insects into your garden, such as spiders, centipedes, bees, wasps and even frogs and toads. The kids will love getting involved in making it and watching what happens as insects start moving in. You can go as big or as small as you want to as long as you have a flat area to put it. You’ll find lots of online tutorials on how to make them.

7. Feed the birds

Whether you go big with a bird table or bird bath or simply hang a feeder from a tree branch, the birds will be grateful and you’ll be surprised by how many will suddenly appear in your garden. It’s also an opportunity for a bit of twitching so why not buy a bird book and see how many types you can identify?

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8. Game on

With the warmer weather and sunshine you really can get outside and indulge in a bit of fun. From classic games like bowls or croquet, to kicking a football around, playing badminton or kids’ favourite Swingball, you can have some fun whatever your age.

9. Work out

If you’re looking to shed some excess winter pounds then pop into your garden for a bit of exercise. Whether it’s running up and down the lawn, doing some jumping jacks or throwing a kettle bell around, the garden acts as a great home gym.

10. Enjoy a cuppa in the sunshine

With the lovely sunny weather we’ve been enjoying lately, sitting outside and feeling the warmth on your face has been a real treat. So why not grab a cuppa and relax for 10 minutes in the peace and quiet. Bliss.

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