Alice Merton talks music, tours and, yes, her roots

The Berlin-based, British singer songwriter Alice Merton is celebrating the release of her long-awaited debut album MINT. LIVING caught up with her ahead of the album release and a mini five-date tour of the UK in March

Alice Merton Interview
Alice Merton released her album in January and tours in Manchester this March

After the huge success of her breakthrough single ‘No Roots’ in 2016, it’s been a long road for Alice Merton bringing her debut album – MINT – to fruition. But time has been kind because Merton finally released her eleven-track LP in January, and it’s brilliant. 

After the success of her first single (No Roots has clocked up more than 137 million Spotify steams), the 25-year old embarked on a huge two-year tour and there’s been new music too. She released singles ‘Lash Out’ in February 2017 and last year she dropped her infectious fan-favourite single ‘Why So Serious’ in September, followed by ‘Funny Business’ in November.

All the singles, including the platinum selling self-released ‘No Roots’, which to date has had over 158 million YouTube views, will feature on the album and the rest doesn’t disappoint. It’s more of the uplifting beats, tuneful melodies and relatable lyrics we’ve all fallen in love with, and of course her signature punk tone.

With over one million singles sold and a massive 261 million global streams under her belt, she is not likely to be disappearing anytime soon. And we caught up with her ahead of her mini five-date tour of the UK which stops at Manchester Academy on 19th March. 

You released your debut album, MINT, on 18th January. How did it feel to be finally releasing the full LP?

It feels like I have a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders. This album was supposed to come out a while ago but then we went on a two-year tour and it kept getting pushed back to a later date because I didn’t have the time to finish it.

Can you please pick your favourite song from the album and tell us about it?

My favourite song on this album is Learn to Live. It talks about my fears and realising that if I’m scared of everything, I’m not ever going to enjoy life. 

You have a UK headline tour planned for March, what can fans that have never seen you play live before expect? 

They can expect a fun evening with songs that make them want to get up and move. 

What is your favourite song to play live?

I still love playing No Roots live and watching as people’s faces just light up. 

What are you most looking forward to whilst touring the UK? Any tour towns or venues you’re particularly excited to play/see?

I think I’m just generally excited to start playing more in the UK. My family moved to Bournemouth five years ago, so it feels kind of special to play in cities near my home. 

What’s been the stand out moment in your career so far? Anything you’re most proud of?

There have been so many incredible moments. Playing on the Jimmy Fallon Show and James Corden Show have definitely been highlights. 

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Growing up who were the musical influences that were most impactful for you?

Alan Parsons Project, The Killers and Regina Spektor

Being born in Frankfurt then travelling quite a lot whilst growing up, how do you think your cultural upbringing has contributed to your music? 

I think it has taught me to adjust to different atmospheres, be more open for new things and also new sounds.  

You self-directed your video for the single Funny Business – how did you find this experience? 

I loved this experience of directing. I‘ve always been interested in the film industry and even considered becoming a screenplay writer. This way I get to do both and can decide on all creative aspects. 

Were you surprised by the success of No Roots?

Yes. Very. I still don’t quite understand it. 

How did you find working with Tom Odell? Are there any artists on your wish list to collaborate with?

I’ve always been a huge fan of his music and his voice. Collaborating with him was definitely a wonderful experience and he really is such a talented musician.

I would love to collaborate with Brandon Flowers from the Killers. 

Alice Merton

Alice plays Manchester Academy 2 on 19th March 2019. Her album Mint is out now. Visit: www.alicemerton.com.

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