Yellow fashion is making us so happy right now

Yellow fashion is trending and what better time to dress up in this happy colour than in spring. We’re in love!

If mood dressing is a thing, then wearing yellow is the colour for happiness. And, as we move into spring, yellow fashion is going to be a firm staple in everyone’s wardrobe. That’s right, all things yellow are going to flood the high street, and it’s a welcome arrival if you ask us!

What’s more, it’s a universal colour – and there is a shade to suit everyone. So, whether you go for bright neon or canary tones or stick to a more muted banana or pastel shade, wear a little happiness this season. 

We’re breaking out of our dull winter blues and blacks and embracing this joyful trend. The sun has definitely got his hat on! 

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Here’s our top yellow fashion picks, wear them all with a smile…

Credit: Pure Collection
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