Easter at home: Decorate your interiors for the season

Get ready for Easter at home with this edit of amazingly cute, although mildly unnecessary, accessories and trinkets – but we’ve just got to have them! 

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When you think of Easter, you can't help but think of Easter eggs - and the cute little baskets to hold them - bunny rabbits, big family dinners and a long weekend. It's a great time of year. And it's just around the corner, believe it or not! So, are you ready for Easter at home?

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"Hang on a minute," I hear some of you cry. Do we really need to accessorise our homes for Easter? Didn't we just take our Christmas decorations down? Some may think of it as just another seasonal event to get us to part with our hard earned cash - and it probably is. But some of these accessories to bring Easter into the home this spring are so adorably cute (eye rolls at the ready from every one of our partners!), we just can't help it.

So, to get you in the mood we have put together this gallery of some of our favourites - enjoy!

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