The International Marquetry Exhibition returns to the area after more than 40 years

This May will see Middleton Hall host the International Marquetry Exhibition – find out more below

International Marquetry Exhibition
The International Marquetry Exhibition will take place at Middleton Hall this year 

The International Marquetry Exhibition returns to Staffordshire after more than 40 years this May. The 67th annual event, which hasn’t taken place in the area since 1979, will be held at Middleton Hall and will be hosted by the Sutton Coldfield Marquetry Group.

Taking place from Saturday May 25 – Thursday May 30 at the Grade II listed building in Tamworth, the International Marquetry Exhibition is the premier event in the Marquetry Society’s calendar. The exhibition is expected to contain around 200 examples of the finest contemporary marquetry from the British Isles and overseas.

The exhibition will comprise of a competition for enthusiasts and a special display dedicated to marquetry work by famous British golfer, Tony Jacklin – an avid fan of this handicraft. 

 The Sutton Coldfield Marquetry Group is affiliated to the national Marquetry Society, which works to promote this ancient craft to its members and beyond. 

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What is marquetry?

Marquetry is the art or craft of making pictures and enriching other articles of wood with decorative designs and patterns by the skilful use of the grain, figure and colour of wood veneers.

An item of marquetry is built up by inlaying the separate parts of the picture or design into a background veneer. The completed item of work is then glued to a prepared base board or background, and the finished surface sanded and finally polished. Although the materials most used for this work are thin veneers of wood, other materials may be used.

The International Marquetry Exhibition
Voted best in show in 2018 By John Jeggo
International Marquetry Exhibition
Another award winner from the 2018 exhibition by Ivan Beer

Find out more about the exhibition at http://www.marquetry.org. 

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