7 ideas for great family fun this Easter

Are you stuck for ideas during the school break? Check out our guide to the Easter holidays below 

Easter holidays
Our guide to the Easter holidays has great ideas for family fun during the school break 

Are you a parent at the beginning of the two-week Easter holidays? If so, we’ve got this handy Easter guide to help you plan lots of fun-filled activities for your little ones. From days out to things you can do together at home, there are plenty of ideas to get you through.

1. Easter egg hunt

As the days finally get longer and hopefully a little warmer, it’s the perfect excuse to get out into the garden for an Easter egg hunt. You can pick up a bag of small chocolate eggs in most supermarkets which you can hide around the garden. If you want to make it harder for older children, attach a clue to each one. Then hide a much larger ‘prize’ egg for the final clue. If you worried about an overload of chocolate, you can always hide plastic eggs and fill them with a small toy instead. And if the weather is unkind, you can easily turn the house into a perfect setting for an egg hunt too.

2. Crafts

Crafts are a great way to keep kids entertained and away from the TV or tablet. If you’ve got a dubious brood, it may take a little persuasion but once they get into it, you’ll be able to keep them occupied for hours! Whether you choose to make Easter cards for the family, or draw their favourite Pokémon characters to colour in, you will have their attention sorted from lunch until dinnertime! Make it even more appealing by decorating hard boiled eggs for your Easter hunt and make Easter bunny masks to wear while they look for the treats. You can buy masks already cut from online shops like Amazon for a few pounds.

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 3. Baking

When they call it a day on the crafts, the next best thing to do is baking. And Easter has plenty of options for you to go for. There are Easter biscuits, chocolate crispy cakes and cupcakes with chocolate eggs, and that’s just for starters. The choices are endless. But, if you’re feeling less than creative just bake some chocolate chip cookies, they’ll be just as happy to lick the spoon either way! And if you’d like to steer clear of the sweet stuff, why not bake some healthy pizza dough using plain flour, olive oil and a touch of salt, bound together with warm water, and shape it to look like a bunny with ears. Kids will love to decorate with their favourite toppings.

4. Visit an attraction

When you’ve exhausted the possibilities at home, it’s probably time to venture out and about. Thankfully Staffordshire, Shropshire and our neighbouring counties are rife with fun family-friendly places to go. And you can spend as little or as much as you want. From lengthy walks in the countryside to tire out those little legs, to hours of thrills and excitement at a theme park, you are literally spoiled for choice. Many of our local attractions will have special Easter events and activities running as well so be sure to research online before you go.

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5. Swimming

Children love to swim and if you have a good local pool, then heading along during the school holidays is a great idea. If you are worried about it being overrun, call ahead and find out if it’s unusually busy before you venture out. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you could even head off to a water park and let them loose on the slides and tunnels. Either way, get yourself involved too, a good splash is fantastic therapy for the mind and the body and you’ll have earned that ice cream after.

6. Play date

Dare I say it, but if you really want to give the kids a fun afternoon, organising a play date with their school friends is the way to go. And, whether you have them over to your house or suggest meeting at a local indoor play area, you are likely to have a few hours to catch up on reading or the housework while they play together.

7. Duvet day

Finally, if all else fails suggest a duvet day. Grab some popcorn, a few cosy blankets and a never ending supply of Disney’s finest and you are good to go.

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