Mixing it up: Shannon Cairns tells us what it’s like to perform as the UK’s biggest girl band

Performer, Choreographer and Creative Director for The Little Mix Experience, Shannon Cairns talks to LIVING ahead of their Victoria Hall show on Sunday 

The Little Mix Experience
The Little Mix Experience comes to Victoria Hall in Stoke

Paying tribute to one of the UK’s biggest girl bands, The Little Mix Experience is heading back to the Victoria Hall on Sunday April 21, 2019. 

The show is a non stop concert of all the band’s greatest hits and is full of fantastic choreography and music. Performing as Perrie Edwards, Shannon Cairns is also Choreographer and Creative Director, and we caught up with her ahead of the Stoke show.

How did you end up being part of the show?

“I have danced for many years so I wanted to branch out and become a singer. I have always been a fan of Little Mix so when the opportunity came around to join “The Little Mix Experience” it ticked all the boxes for me – I am able to do lead vocals as well as have the opportunity to choreograph the show.”

When did you first get involved with the show?

I first got involved with the show in January 2016 and since then, as a group, we have gone from strength to strength. We have been very lucky to play some incredible venues throughout the UK.”

Have you ever seen any of the original artists live and if so how do they compare to your concerts?

“Unfortunately we haven’t managed to see Little Mix live yet but we watch all their live performances and music videos in detail to make sure our show is as close as possible to the original.” 

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Who do you perform as in the show?

“I play Perrie Edwards in the band. I really idolise Perrie as an artist, her vocal ability is incredible.”

What preparation is involved in getting yourself ready to perform as each act in the show?

“Preparation for our show of course involves lots of make- up and hairspray. We also make sure we do a vocal warm-up and stretch before each show because of how physical our show is. It is very important to look after ourselves.”

What is your favourite song that you perform?

“My favourite song to perform is “Power” because I thoroughly enjoy the high intensity of the dance routine that goes with the song but also the reaction from the audience when we perform it – you can tell it’s a favourite amongst our fans.” 

Tell us a little more about the show members and how you got together

“Aimee Horner plays Jesy Nelson, Belle Morgan who plays Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Derry Grey who plays Jade Thirlwall. The girls are very good at portraying their individual characters and we work even better as a team. We were brought together through an audition process similar to Little Mix themselves, where we each prepared a Little Mix song of our choice and learned some of the original choreography from their “Salute” video.”

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What can the audience expect from attending one of your shows?

“The audience can expect a high energy show for all the family to enjoy. All the hits from Little Mix from the very beginning until now along with replicate dance routines and costumes. It really is the full “Little Mix” Experience.

What do you enjoy most about the performances?

When I see how happy all the children are and the smiles on their faces. Being able to give so many young kids their very first concert experience is a wonderful feeling.”

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

“Every theatre we play is very different. Each performance has its own memorable moments so I don’t think I could possibly pick one. I’ve loved them all. We are very blessed to have the support and fan base that we do and the reaction we get everywhere we’ve been is just incredible.”

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