Check out these amazing hair styles for your wedding day

If you’re still unsure what to do with your hair for your wedding day, we’ve got some amazing styles to inspire you into making a decision!

wedding hair

Choosing the right wedding day hair is the next biggest thing to consider after your dress so you want to get it right. And with so many options to choose from, the hardest thing will be narrowing down the list, especially if your hair is long.

But even if you have a shorter style there are plenty of hair adornments and accessories to consider too. We’ve put together some ideas and inspiration to help you decide.

Loose bun

A loose bun is a wedding classic and it’s incredibly versatile, working for both traditional, casual and holiday weddings. Sweep it to the side with some loose strands around the face for a more rustic themed day or have it pulled tighter with hair neatly tied back and glossy for a sophisticated and elegant feel. The variations are endless, whether kept simple or made to look more elaborate. You could also give it a boost with some hair accessories.

wedding hair
A loose bun is a classic and gorgeous style for wedding hair

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Half up and half down

These styles are perfect if you want the best of both worlds. You could have the hair pinned to one side so it falls dramatically over one shoulder with a beautiful hair accessory to finish. Another option is to try a half-up bun with lots of soft curls or waves, which would look fantastic at a more casual wedding celebration.  Or you could go for a simple style of pulling the top section of hair back into a clip and leaving the rest down, either straight and glossy or teased into waves.

wedding hair
Have the best of both worlds with hair half up and half down

Ballerina bun

A high-up ballerina style bun can look truly elegant, especially if you’re planning a more formal-style wedding. But it also works well if you’re wearing a high-neck or halter neck dress. You can add drama by making the bun bigger too.

wedding hair
The ballerina bun is super chic and elegant

Loose waves

A simple and effective solution for both long hair and shorter styles, loose waves can look especially good for a more rustic-style wedding especially if you’re planning a simple veil or flower hair piece. A bobbed haircut can also look amazing teased with a few waves and hair accessories.

wedding hair
Beautiful tousled waves are stunning on a bride


Braids of all types can be effective and you can really go big on the drama here.

For a more relaxed feel go for a looser braid but if you want to be more edgy, then tighter and more elaborate styles can help you to create an original look. Get your hair stylist to experiment and see what they can come up with. Braided styles are a good way to be creative. You can also have hair down but add a braid for some individuality.

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wedding hair
Big beautiful braids make a statement for long wedding hair


A chignon, where the hair is tied to the nape of the neck is another versatile look. It can be pinned loosely or tight for a neater finish or taken to the side for a fresh take. The hair can also be fixed in lots of different ways so you can adapt it to suit yourself. Similarly, a French twist offers an opportunity for different variations, whether classic or more experimental.

wedding hair
The chignon is effortlessly cool and elegant


If you have short hair then accessories can add a new dimension to your look. A beaded headband can look highly effective or a simply decorated clip or fascinator could be good options.

wedding hair
Accessories add a glamorous edge to your wedding hair

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