8 seeds to plant now for a summer bloom

Feeling green-fingered? Here’s the seeds you can plant now to enjoy the full blooms this summer

seeds to plant now
Plant your sunflowers seeds now to enjoy a summer bloom

As April comes to a close there are plenty of things to do in the garden to guarantee it’s in full bloom in the summer. The risk of frost is finally passing as we head into May – bar any weird and whacky weather of course! So, with temperatures rising, it’s time to start planting.

If you’re ready to get your green fingers moving we have eight bulbs or seeds you can start to plant right now.

1. Sunflowers

Who doesn’t love a sunflower? There’s something entirely cheerful about this exciting flower, not least because it’s fun to see how high they will get. Kids also love them so it’s a great way to get them involved in planting, watering and measuring. There are different brands to try, from American Giant to shorter varieties, including Moulin Rouge. 

2. Scabious

Scabious flowers are ideal for attracting butterflies into the garden so if you want to spend the summer admiring the wildlife then these are for you. They come in purple, pink and blue, adding an explosion of colour to your outside space.

3. Nasturtiums

Versatile and useful, Nasturtiums are good for filling in gaps in borders as they tend to creep through flower beds. They also work well in a trellis so you can cover up a fence or wall with some colour, as well as trailing from a hanging basket.

4. Poppies

A sea of poppies looks wonderful in the warmer months. There are lots of different types of poppies, from the traditional red to pink, white or blue. Whatever you choose, if you plant the seeds now, they’re sure to impress by the summer.

5. Cornflowers

Cornflowers can be planted up until the end of May if you want them to bloom in time for the summer months. Their beautiful vivid colours will look especially lovely planted next to poppies.

6. Hardy begonia

Begonias come in all sorts of colours and sizes, which makes them a good choice if you really want to go all out to impress guests. If planted now these bulbs should result in an enduring display over the summer.

7. Sweetcorn

May is the last time to sow sweetcorn in time for the summer months so why not try some of these to enjoy with summer barbecues?

8. Herbs

Chives, dill, parsley and coriander can all be planted once the risk of frost has gone. The beauty of these is they not only provide a useful crop for your summer salads, they also look good in the garden.

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