7 places to visit on the world’s gastronomy circuit

Are you searching for a foodie’s paradise for your next holiday destination? Here’s 7 of the world’s most tantalising food and drink destinations. Taste buds at the ready!

gastronomic getaway
Here’s where to visit for a gastronomic getaway

What could be better than a holiday centred entirely around food and drink? Just imagine a glorious gastronomic getaway with plenty of sights, relaxation and lots of amazing food. It has to be the dream. 

From home-grown produce in the English countryside to seafood delicacies in Vietnam, there’s something to discover in all corners of the globe. 

So, if you like to choose your destination based on the gastronomic delights it serves up then we’ve got just the line-up for you. Here’s 10 must-see places around the world for foodies.

1. The Cotswolds

While London might be the obvious choice if you want to sample Michelin-standard eateries, there are plenty of other places to experience them.

A gastronomic getaway to the Cotswolds, for example, offers an opportunity to both explore the beautiful English countryside as well as sampling delicious food.

Where to stay: A gourmet indulgence stay at The Lords of the Manor Hotel is certainly worth saving up for. Based in Upper Slaughter, the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant, led by head chef Charles Smith, lets the “ingredients speak for themselves”.

Enjoy dishes such as scallop with cauliflower cream, preserved lemon and Nocellara green olive, or English Rose veal carpaccio, whipped anchovy with horseradish crème fraiche and potato crisp. Then for dessert try the malted milk tart with orange and stem ginger marmalade and ice cream.

Bestloved.com is offering a gourmet indulgence stay, which includes bed and breakfast, champagne afternoon tea and a tasting menu dinner for two from £420.

2. France

France is probably the first place that springs to mind when you think of a gastronomic getaway.

And while Paris is the ultimate foodie heaven with some of the finest restaurants in the world, a tour of the country’s famous vineyards can also turn up many culinary delights.

Where to stay: A two-day guided tour to Anjou staying in a chateau overlooking the Layon Valley. During the trip, you can meet Roger-François Béguinot, owner of the Château Soucherie. He will guide you through the winery, providing a tasting session, and then in the evening, you can dine at the Michelin-starred restaurant, Une Ile à Angers.

The following morning enjoy breakfast in the Château Soucherie. Explore the River Layon and village of Varrains before touring another vineyard. And eat at the Route du Sel restaurant accompanied by a wine tasting session overlooking the Loire.

This two-day trip costs from around £440 per person with vinotrip.com.

3. Spain

Spain offers amazing culinary temptations.

Southern Spain boasts a dazzling array of local produce and there is much for foodies to sample, from tapas to olive oil.

Where to stay: Expression Holidays offers a five-night break at the Hacienda de San Rafael, near Seville. It’s a former olive estate where guests can enjoy candlelit dinners in the courtyard.  There’s also a chance to explore eateries in Seville and Andalucian restaurants, as well as sampling hams produced in the Aracena Mountains. 

Prices start from around £1,450 per person, including flights and a hire car, from expressionsholidays.co.uk.

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4. Italy

Many foodies cite Italian food as their favourite so why not spend a few days learning to cook in the country?

Cooking lessons have to be the ultimate treat for food lovers who want to try out the recipes when they return home.

Where to stay: You could learn about local cuisine and picking your own ingredients during a three-night stay at Relais Alberti in Malamocco, close to Venice.

During your stay you’ll enjoy meals, cooking lessons using ancient Venetian recipes, as well excursions and some time to relax on the beach.

Prices start from around £770 per person with bookculinaryvacations.com.

5. Japan

Japan truly is a place of culture and gastronomic delights, so it’s no wonder people flock there to go travelling and try out the wide array of food choices.

Tokyo in particular is a foodie’s paradise with more Michelin-star restaurants than Paris.

And the many towns and cities around the country offer everything from top class eateries to delicious noodle bars.

Where to stay: A 13-night trip with insidejapantours.com includes an opportunity to try top class restaurants and ancient Japanese dishes.

The trip includes eating and drinking at a Japanese gastro pub in Tokyo. You’ll learn to make soba buckwheat noodles at a historic soba shop in Matsumoto. Take a cooking class in Kyoto which is the home to the world of the Geisha. And a guided street tour and chance to try dishes in Osaka, known as The Kitchen of Japan.

The trip costs from £2,690 per person.

6. Vietnam

A culinary journey through Vietnam is a real feast for the senses.

Fresh natural ingredients, seafood and street snacks have all helped to put Vietnam on the culinary map.

Where to stay: A 12-day gastronomic adventure will put foodies firmly in heaven as they get to join locals for Tai Chi and a Pho breakfast. Not to mention sampling some of the country’s favourites, such as egg coffee.

There are guided market visits, cooking classes, a candlelit seafood dinner while cruising Halong Bay and an opportunity to visit one of Hanoi’s tea houses for a traditional tea ceremony.

The 12-day holiday costs from around £1,959 with Exodus Travels – exodus.co.uk.

7. New Orleans

It’s impossible to talk about foodie heaven without mentioning New Orleans.

There are few other towns housing so many award-winning restaurants, from Cajun to Creole. But it’s not just the restaurants because the many street stalls and cafes also serve up some of the most delicious treats, such as seafood Gumbo.

Where to stay: A stay in the French Quarter is a must, especially as it houses many of the top restaurants. Often called the Crown Jewel of New Orleans, it boasts a huge mix of old and new, including a French Market, modern boutiques and antique stores. 

While there you could join a guided culinary tour of the French Quarter, sampling turtle soup and shrimp remoulade at five restaurants. The tour costs £45.68 per person with www.getyourguide.com.

A seven-night stay at the four-star Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter costs from around £1,294 per person, including flights, from Expedia.co.uk.

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8. Bangkok

The best street foods and fine dining are high on the menu in Thailand’s famous capital city.

Known as the street food capital of the world Bangkok offers an opportunity to explore the streets, tasting different types of food.

Where to stay: An 11-day exotic cooking holiday with bookculinaryvacations.co.uk comes complete with the help of an international chef and a local guide.

You’ll enjoy restaurant visits, a walking tour in the largest food market, rickshaw rides, a Thai noodle factory tour, floating market tour and classes on preparing street food, Phad Thai and Thai curry.

The holiday costs from around £1,500 per person.

9. Marrakech

A top reason to visit Morocco has to be for the food.

As well as the tagines, there are pastries and vegetable salads to try out, not to mention some top restaurants.

Where to stay: A Moroccan Gastronomy Tour has you tasting Moroccan pastry, taking part in bread making in the Atlas Mountains, souk tours and seeing how Argan oil is made.

Visitors also get to eat at one of Medina’s best eateries and can even enjoy a picnic on the beach and  arrive by camel. 

An eight-day tour costs from around £750 per person with fleewinter.com. 

10. Zurich

Switzerland is of course famous for its chocolate but Zurich is also a good choice for foodies.

Said to be one of the emerging food destinations, there has recently been an  influx of talented chefs looking to make their mark Plus, the city is working to revitalize Zurich-West, a formal industrial district that is now one of Zurich’s culinary hotspots.

You can still discover chocolate though. From intricate cocoa confectionery to bars and slabs, chocolate is big business. Don’t forget to try some out.

Where to stay: A four-night stay at Zurich’s Guests’ House Hotel costs from around £462 per person, including flights, with booking.com

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