10 eco-friendly home accessories for your summer interiors

The demand for sustainable products from environmentally and socially responsible companies is huge, and growing. Here’s ten eco-friendly and ethical home accessories for your summer interiors

Consumers are increasingly conscious of a product’s environmental and social impact, and rightly so. We’re more inclined to ask questions – such as: What is it made from? Are workers treated fairly? Does the manufacturing process harm the planet? – than ever before. And as a result there is a growing demand for eco-friendly and ethical home accessories. 

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We’re embracing ethical design. It’s great for the planet and its people. And those companies who stay ahead of the ethical curve. Here are 10 eco-friendly home accessories to help make your summer interiors look great.

Lola & Mawu Fan £32 www.lolaandmawu.com

Products made with sustainable materials - like wood and paper from properly managed forests, fabrics made with organic fibres and dyes, recycled glassware, and absolutely no plastic - are kind to the planet and look amazing too.

This fan is handpicked directly at the weavers’ workshops in Northern Ghana. And made without the traditional leather handle, it is 100% straw and vegan.

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