5 tips for a day of sightseeing in London

Only got 24 hours to explore London? We’ve spoken to Danny Horwood from urban adventure treasure trail provider Foxtrail London to find out his top tips to fit it all in

London Sightseeing
Here’s how to nail  sightseeing in London in just one day

Planning a trip of sightseeing in London for the day? You’re not alone. The capital city of England is the most popular tourist destination in the world, welcoming more than 30 million visitors each year (UNCSBRP). From hosting some of the most impressive sights including Buckingham Palace and the London Eye, to providing visitors with plenty of stunning parks to wander in, this bustling city offers so many places to explore.

But, when you have a strict time limit, it can be difficult to know how best to go about seeing all the sights. In this article, I will be sharing my top tips for exploring London in a day, so you don’t have to compromise on anything!

Plan the areas you want to see in advance

The most sensible thing you can do before a sightseeing trip to London is plan. Considering what landmarks you want to see, places you want to visit, and things you want to do will ensure you don’t get caught up for hours in areas that weren’t a priority for you.

This can be particularly helpful if you’re looking to join a tour as, with so many to choose from, you can ensure you find one that covers your list. But, even if you’re planning to go it alone, knowing how far apart your chosen spots are and figuring out the best route to take will save you heaps of time, so you’re more likely to get everything done.

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Join a walking tour

One of the simplest ways of seeing London in a few hours is to join a walking tour. These routes have been specially made by London locals and enthusiasts to ensure you see all corners of the beautiful city. A walking tour can give you the opportunity to see things you might not have been able to from public transport, so you can really immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of London.

If you’re going with family, friends, or looking to entertain some of your business clients for the day, consider a walking tour with a twist. Scavenger hunts and treasure trails are great for creating some healthy competition, with riddles and puzzles you need to solve to get you to the next place.

Get on board with a boat trip

If you fancy trying something different, boat tours offer a great way of seeing London’s top spots while cruising along the famous River Thames. There are plenty of frequent boat services that will smoothly ferry you from place to place and, with open-top decks to relax on, they’ll be the perfect form of transport on sunny days in the city.

There are even city cruise providers that offer unlimited one-day cruising, as well as afternoon tea and lunch cruises, so you can tuck into plates fit for a queen while still exploring: it’s a win:win!

Experience the underground

The Tube is one of the most popular ways London locals and visitors get from A to B, due to the fast and regular services. Many tourists choose to load up a visitor oyster card for the day, but you can also tap your contactless bank card on the station readers. Once you’re finished for the day, Transport for London will calculate the cheapest possible total for your journeys and charge you accordingly.

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Explore above ground

If you’re more comfortable staying above ground, there are many frequent bus, tram, and train services that are just as reliable and affordable. Open-top bus tours are particularly popular among tourists, as they can ensure you get to see what you want in the time you have, and you’ll get plenty of fresh air while you do it!

If you want to get a bird’s-eye view of the city, why not jump into an Emirates Air Line cable car? These cars will suspend you over London at a height of 295ft, so you can see all of the popular local landmarks at once. Alternatively, a half an hour journey on the London Eye will be a great way to leisurely take in the city.

Prepare for a day of sightseeing in London with my top five tips. Whether you choose to ride the Tube or view the city from a height, there are plenty of ways you can pack in seeing everything this beautiful city has to offer.

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