7 healthy lunch ideas to help you achieve your summer goals

These healthy lunch ideas will help to get your eating habits back on track for summer

Save yourself money and eat healthier by making your own lunch. Because knowing what’s in your meals makes a world of difference. And we’re making it easier to keep your healthy eating goals on the right track with these delicious and healthy lunch ideas. 

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So, clear some time for meal prep and check out these 7 delicious recipes for 7 days of the week!


Radish and Celery goodness bagel

Crunchy and fresh, this made-in-minutes toasted bagel with hummus and crisp veg is a really quick idea for a healthy lunch or snack.

Serves 2 | Prep time: 5 minutes | Cooking time: 2-5 minutes


2 seeded bagels

120g hummus

1 stick of celery, sliced

4-6 radishes, sliced

½ avocado, de-stoned, peeled and sliced

½ pack salad cress


1. Toast the bagels. Spread one side of each bagel thickly with the hummus.

2. Top with layers of the sliced celery, radish, avocado, then finish with some salad cress.

From www.lovecelery.co.uk

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