7 fashion trends you’ll remember if you grew up in the ’90s – and they’re making a comeback…

Were you a ’90s child? Here are some of the fashion must-haves of the era making a massive comeback today!

90s fashion trends
Check out these ’90s fashion trends making a comeback

If you grew up in the final decade of the 20th century you’ll no doubt remember grunge, Britpop, Blur v Oasis and the Spice Girls exploding onto the scene like a crazy breath of fresh air. Not to mention all the great TV – TFI Friday, The Big Breakfast, Gladiators and Friends anyone? But what about those 90s fashion trends?

While some of these bands and TV shows have been making a come-back in recent times, so too is the fashion. The ‘90s is making something of a comeback on the high street. So, we asked Sarah Marshall to go back in time and pull out those 90s fashion trends you’ll remember if you too were a child of the era!

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1. Bum bags

If you didn’t have a neon pouch clipped around your waist in the ‘90s were you even there? Probably, but you were just too cool for a bum bag. (Sadly, I wasn’t and wore mine with a pair of Bermuda shorts and a T-shirt with a picture of Gazza crying at the 1990 World Cup)!

Just when we thought we’d consigned these items safely to memory what happens? They make a comeback. Today’s versions have been given a makeover thankfully so if you do want to wear one – as they’re quite handy if you don’t want to carry a shoulder bag – then you’re likely to find something considerably more stylish.

2. Barely there sandals

In the late ’90s, strappy sandals were a must to finish off every outfit. They came in all sorts of styles, colours and heel types but the main thing was they had thin straps holding your feet in. You only have to look around the high street right now to see them everywhere, and any fashion influencer worth her salt is being pictured on Instagram in a barely there sandal.

3. Slip dresses

The supermodels ruled the fashion industry in the ‘90s. Tall, glam and wouldn’t “get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day”, they were the epitome of unattainable beauty.

But then along came Kate Moss with her skinny frame, flat chest and shorter height – and heroin chic was born. It tied into the grunge look favoured by such bands as Nirvana and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. And for the girls, one of its signature looks was the slip dress teamed with a pair of chunky boots, as worn by Courtney Love.

And now slip dresses are back. Wear it on its own with a pair of strappy sandals for an evening look or put a t-shirt underneath and throw on some white trainers for day-time.

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4. Combat trousers

These were everywhere in the ‘90s, especially when girl band All Saints fully embraced the style paired with vest tops, trainers and a pouty lip. The shops have been full of them this season, with wide leg and tapered styles on offer. Pair with a slouchy T-shirt and some flat sandals for easy summer style.

5. Crop tops

Tummies were often on show during the ’90s as crop tops were in vogue – which was bad news for those of us with less than perfect abs. The crop top was favoured by such people as Mel C in the Spice Girls who wore them with tracksuit bottoms as part of her Sporty Spice look. Britney Spears, too, was a purveyor of the cropped top as was Christina Aguilera. Again, they’re everywhere again in 2019 and can look good with a high-waisted skirt or some paper bag waist trousers.

6. Band T-shirts

Band T-shirts were everywhere in the ‘90s, paired with jeans, trainers and a pint in one hand as so-called ladette culture was born. Look around the shops today and you’ll find them in many of the high street shops so you can find your inner ladette again.
And you could even wear a T-shirt dedicated to your favourite ‘90s TV show. H&M is packed full of ones emblazoned with Friends.

7. The “Rachel”

Talking of Friends, remember when the TV show first came out and everyone went mad for Jennifer Aniston’s hair style? The choppy layered look caused such a storm that women flocked to salons in droves to demand a “Rachel”, the name of the character played by Aniston. And because everything comes full circle, choppy cuts are back. Update the Rachel by asking your stylist for a choppy bob version.

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