Fabulous night for the Rocky Horror Show at The Regent Theatre

Read what we thought about the Rocky Horror Show at the Regent Theatre in Stoke-on-Trent

The Rocky Horror Show
The Rocky Horror Show
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Living was invited to the Regent Theatre in Stoke-on-Trent to watch the world-renowned Rocky Horror Show. As a Rocky virgin, I jumped at the opportunity after being aware of its massive and almost cult like following. It had to be worth a watch, right?

Firstly, if I had known that the presenter of my favourite childhood programme had wrote this, I probably would have seen it sooner. Yes, I have lived in a box, it would seem, but for those of you who don’t know; Richard O’Brien, presenter of the Crystal Maze is the mastermind behind the outrageously, out there theatre show. How did I not see that sooner?

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The story starts with the newly engaged and naive Brad and Janet. After a flat tyre leaves them stranded in a storm they make the decision to walk to the castle, they had spotted a couple of miles back, to call for help. Brad and Janet got (or lost) more than they bargained for when they meet a household of wacky characters including their host, the mad transvestite scientist, Frank N Furter.

Brad (James Darch) and Janet (Joanne Clifton) end up completely consumed by all the crazy that goes on inside the castle wall and quickly lose their innocence. Both were fantastically ‘cheesy’, 1940’s style American teenage virgins – but that soon changes. Both had a fantastic voice but I have to admit I was particularly impressed with James Darch when he sang Once in a While.

Frank N Furter is portrayed by ex Blue pop star Duncan James. As a fan of Blue and, like most teenage girls back in the early noughties, a fan of Duncan, I was wondering how he would pull off a role that was so extreme and wacky, but he nailed it. Frank N Furter genuinely came to life o the stage. His sass was electrifying and the singing was phenomenal.

All the cast are fantastic in bringing the show to life. Magenta was super sexy; Columbia was extremely high pitched; Riff Raff was fascinatingly creepy; and Rocky was to die for H O T!

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Usherette (Laura Harrison) deserves a special mention. Although she only had a small part at the beginning and the end, she had a truly stunning voice. And, Science Fiction/Double Feature is now one of my favourite songs!

Also, the Narrator (Steve Punt) did a fantastic job and held his own, as did members of the audience, who I imagine are avid Rocky Horror Show fans, who played their part perfectly – singling along and shouting out to fill in the blanks. 

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