The Lady Vanishes at the Lichfield Garrick this week

There’s still time to catch a fantastic adaption of Hitchcock thriller The Lady Vanishes at the Lichfield Garrick

The Lady Vanishes Lichfield Garrick 2
The cast of The Lady Vanishes

The play by the Classic Thriller Theatre Company runs until Saturday, June 22, and the cast includes Emmy award-winning actress Juliet Mills (Wild at Heart, Passions) and award-winning actor Maxwell Caulfield (Grease 2, Dynasty).

Living caught the opening night’s performance and we were thoroughly impressed by the calibre of acting and the atmospheric set design.

For those unfamiliar with the 1939 classic, the story revolves around socialite Iris (played excellently by Lorna Fitzgerald, who you may recognise from EastEnders) who befriends a kind elderly lady on the train and is baffled when she disappears – and fellow passengers deny all knowledge of ever seeing her!

The Lady Vanishes Lichfield Garrick
Lead character Iris is played by Lorna Fitzgerald from EastEnders

Iris’ only confidant is engineer Max, who at first humours her search for the mysterious woman but soon begins to believe Iris after unearthing some intriguing clues. What follows is a tale of mystery, sugar cubes and an unexpected fencing fight.

The role of Max was to be played by Matt Barber, but the night we went to see the play, this role was performed extremely competently by understudy James Boswell. He did such a great job that it’s difficult to imagine someone else in the role.

All the actors gave a fantastic performance and really helped translate the story from screen to stage. Juliet Mills was charming as vanishing lady Miss Froy and Robert Duncan and Ben Nealon provided some light-hearted British comedy in the form of cricket enthusiasts Charters and Caldicott.

It must be said that the set design really enhanced the performance, starting with a convincing scene of an old-fashioned train station and continuing with the inside of a train carriage with sliding compartments.

The first half starts off slow, setting the scene of intrigue, but escalates just before the interval as Iris works herself into a fit of hysteria trying to convince the other passengers of Miss Froy’s existence and pulling the train’s emergency cord. The second half is much more action packed and fast paced.

We really enjoyed The Lady Vanishes and would recommend seeing it while you still can. Tickets are £24 from the Lichfield Garrick here.

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