Sustainable and durable products to look after wildlife at home

CJ Wildlife has launched a brand new range of sustainable and durable wood products to help care for wildlife in your garden

Wildlife at home
Help this little guy out by creating a wildlife haven at home

CJ Wildlife is to introduce a new selection of products known as Dura Green Wood to its extensive range of feeders and homes for birds and wildlife at home.

The wood in this range has undertaken a natural heat treatment process in a high temperature kiln to provide a very durable product. In addition, this process ensures that the wood does not absorb moisture so will not easily crack, warp or rot; and products are preserved with finish of clear water-based vanish. 

This thermal treatment is very environmentally friendly as no chemical substances are used in the heating process. It is a responsible form of sustainability since the lifespan of the product increases to approximately 20 years. 

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A spokesman for CJ Wildlife said: “When our feeders and nest boxes display the Dura Green Wood label from us, you can be sure of the quality and both you and your garden birds will certainly enjoy these products for years to come.

“Dura Green Wood products have a noticeably smooth finish and we have completed the aesthetic appearance with rounded corners and grooves, giving you classic lines with contemporary stylish details.”

The Calgary and Ottawa Seed Feeders are natural looking vertical feeders with two clear plexiglas sides and a suspension cord for hanging.  The large overhang roof prevents moisture reaching the food and allows easy refilling of the feeder.

wildlife at home
The Milton Hedgehog House is a great addition to any home

The Edmonton 34mm and Vancouver 32mm Nest Boxes are ideal for a range of garden birds from Blue Tits to Spotted Flycatchers.  Both have a door opening to enable cleaning when the breeding season is over and the last of the birds have departed.   

The bottom section of the Halifax and Richmond Feeding Tables is made from a sturdy mesh. This allows for any rainwater to run away easily so the food stays nice and fresh. Both tables are suitable for filling with a seed mix or other food treats and the different sizes are versatile for a range of gardens.

And the new Milton Hedgehog House is a superb garden addition. The entrance is a long narrow passage leading to a more spacious residence therefore making it more difficult for predators to reach the hedgehog. Ventilation holes have also been incorporated into the roof to supply the nest chamber with fresh air. To increase the chances of habitation, place the box in a secluded corner and part-fill the nest chamber with dried leaves. 

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CJ Wildlife strive to develop products that are better for the wildlife around us.  By increasing the durability and lifespan of products means they are less likely to require replacing, therefore sustaining our environment and giving you better value for money too. 

For more information on all the CJ Wildlife product range for garden birds and wildlife visit www.birdfood.co.uk or call Freephone 0800 731 2820

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